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Modesto Symphony Cellobration Cellos

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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Modesto Symphony Orchestra Association (MSOA), the MSOA and the Central California Art Association (CCAA) commissioned 75 local artists to transform cellos into pieces of art.  All 75 cellos were displayed in local businesses throughout the seasonAll proceeds benefit the Modesto Symphony Orchestra Association and the Central California Art Association.


Modesto Artist:  Gloria Bartels is an active painter whose art has been exhibited throughout Modesto and the Central Valley, including murals at The House of Java, Gold's Gym and Copperopolis Elementary School. Her cello is titled "Fancy the Glass Cello," is inspired by her penchant for mermaids.  Her cello is a glass mosaic.  Phone 209-524-1994.  From an article on the web: quoted/edited:

For artist Gloria Bartels, her house is much more than a place to rest her head. It's one big canvas that reflects her art, soul and personality.

"I communicate through art," said Bartels. "I can't help it."

Creating art -- whether painting expansive murals on her walls, remodeling the basement walls to look like something out of "The Flintstones" or assembling mosaics to adorn front and rear yards -- is something she must do.

"Once I see something in my head, it has to get out," the Modesto, Calif., artist explained.

Ten years ago, Bartels began creating murals and painting for others. She's done murals for a church, a restaurant, a country club and even a Gold's Gym. Her work also has been featured in several Decorator Showhouses in Stanislaus County, Calif.

"She's always brought lots of talent and fun to the showhouse," ....

Modesto Artist:  Claudette Bryant Garcia, is painted with a floral design on the front and a meadow with homes on the back side of the cello.  Glaudette Bryant Garcia has taught art in the Central Valley for sixteen years.  She is active in many mediums, and is acclaimed for her courses in watercolors, oils, and acrylics.  Her cello is titled "French Village," is based on her love for rich landscapes.  Phone:  209-830-1627

Modesto Artist: Jeffrey Hale, is a painting of a woman with her back turned on the front of the cello.  Jeffrey Hale's work can also be seen at Michelle Lacy Interiors:  209-575-2332

Modesto Artist: This cello, designed by Kristi Hughes, is painted with an Asian inspired theme.  Kristi Hughes also goes by T'ang Mei Yun.  Visit her webiste at  209-544-5213.  Kristi Hughes, reflecting her Eurasian heritage, paints under the name T'ang Mei Yun. Her unique art transcends the present, while beckoning the past. She is inspired by the belief that art is the manifestation of Spirit and Soul, and the beauty of calligraphy is capturing the essence of its energy without stopping it.

Modesto Artist: This cello, designed by Judy Johnson-Williams, is a painted off-white and blue floral design.  Judy Johnson-Williams is an active artist whose work has been on display throughout the Western United States and Alaska.  Recent showings include the International Gallery in Anchorage, AK, the Enso Gallery in Half Moon Bay, and the Charleston Heights Art Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Her cello is a tribute to the hard-working musicians of smaller orchestras, and is titled "Music Folks."  Phone 650-726-0804

Modesto Artist: Roberto Mendez depicts an entire life cycle.  Roberto Mendez's Cello is titled "Freedom/Birth" and is inspired by the artists' desire to live life open and free.  Phone 209-969-9244.

Modesto Artist:  designed by Steve Mudge, has gold, metal flames affixed to the front and back.  Steve Mudge has extensive experience working with metal shaping.  He uses a plasma torch to create shapes and light reflections in metal.  His cello, titled "phoenix Vibrations," is inspired by the warmth and passion of music.  Phone:  209-526-6272.

Modesto Aritst:  This cello, designed by Sterling Parker, is painted black with red flowers on the lower half.  The cello is supported by a specially designed tree branch stand that has been painted black.

Sterling Parker comments on her cello:

"The design emerged from my love of music (I sing and perform musical theatre) and thoughts about the origins of sound and music. Her title, "Lotus Blossom", refers to the emergence of beauty out of the basic nature of being, as determined by the Tibetan culture. She is based on a concept of the Music of the Spheres as it transforms into human inspired music. On the back lies a Tibetan Golden Wheel, representative of the phenomenal universe and creation. Stars below remind one of the heavens and matter from which all things are born. As a whole, the back of the cello is music in all of its forms, before being harnessed by man. On the front musical notes fall down to become simple one-petaled roses. These represent the inevitable awareness of man taking the inspiration of universal music and transforming it into something very real and beautiful. The rest of the cello reminds one that this creation is bound by rules we have created ourselves, including the Lotus I carved that is part of the base.

As far as my choice of medium, my inspiration in this project flowed from my deep love for wood and the amazing properties that I believe are inherent in Watercolor. I imagined the two mediums would work quite well together, and found, happily, that they did. The wood absorbed the watercolor exactly as I thought it would, and the watercolor performed its magic, as always!


Why did I do this, you ask? Well, I am a great supporter of the arts, and believe all projects that lend themselves to any such support as worthy projects! I have found that in today's world the first disciplines to get lost in school are the arts. It is truly a great tragedy, and I find that more support for those who continue to bring beauty to our communities should always be admired and appreciated."

Modesto Artist:  Donald Rowe, is painted an off-white and has borders of music staves on the front.  The back features crisscrossing music staves.  Roanld Rowe has worked with a wide variety of media throughout his life.  He often experiments with combinations of media such as wood, metal, and paint.  Mr. Rowe's cello is based on the story of a small violin that dreams to be a part of a large orchestra, and becomes a cello to do so.  To contact the artist, his telephone is 209-551-1208.

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