Color Schemes...

updated 9/5/06 for details on Modesto concerts coming up in September.

 Raw Silk Granite

Sconce from Tech Lighting: Atlantis with Cone (thanks to Kirkes Electric for suggesting Phillips Lighting):

Procedure Room

OlivineOlivine is the color of the procedure table

sandrift white, 51858dusty miller, 51883sandrift white, 51858
VCT tile (Sandrift White) 95% of the room and dusty miller 5% of the room



Exam Room opposite nursing station

Moss is the color for exam tables

Click to view a larger image of Pearl Dust LS D488-7Click to view a larger image of Fusion Maple 7909-60

solid color (pearl dust) is the cabinet top, and the maple laminate is the front of the cabinet.

I'm not so sure about having the solid color (pearl dust) next to the maple.  I might replace pearl dust with just black.


Exam Room closest to Lobby


Northern Hallway (long, runs east - west)


Server Hallway:


Closets, server rooms


Nusing Station:


Southern Hallway (short, runs east-west)


Conference Room

Staff Bathroom


Photo Room


Break Room (room with refridgerator)


Lee office (with window to outside on north end)


Billing office (no sink, no windows)


Wu office (with window into hallway)


All three treatment rooms (rooms on the south end):


Retreat by Elsakr's


Retreat by northern hall way


Doors and Door frames:

Roppe vinyl floor base:


Paint Types (all colors semi-gloss except Diamond White):

Saltillo (212)

Bravado (160)

Charro (228)

Cargo (412)

Spanish Sand (231)

Oyster (26)

Diamond White (OW224-1) p. CD 17  glossy

Tahoe (KM3127-3) p. CD31

Beach Bum (KM3964-1) p. CD64

Full Sun (168) for the paint wheel.

August 26, 2006

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