Google Trends:  comparisons

Date of research:  12/24/06 (website creation)

Rage of data:  Beginning of year 2004 to end of 2006

Research tools: (google trends lab, Google labs product, still in beta mode)

File location on the internet: (this webpage)

Everything here is expressed in relative terms.  Nothing is in absolute numbers.

Why did I make this webpage?  I wanted to improve my SEO (search engine optimization) on Google, plus I wanted to know plastic surgical trends.  Puts my world into perspective.


Comparing two google search terms, which one is more popular overall?

Botox, Breast Augmentation

Botox wins, "botox" also beats out in the google trends data compared to "breast implants"

Botox Faces Getting Younger And Younger - Jan 20 2006   

breast implants|augmentation, botox

botox actually loses in this case.  the "|" means "or"

Acupuncture, Breast Augmentation

Acupuncture wins, even over breast implants

More Pets Get Acupuncture for Ailments
ABC News - Apr 16 2006   

Acupuncture shown to relieve tension headaches
Malaysia Star - Jul 29 2005   

Acupuncture points to post-op comfort
New Scientist (subscription) - Jul 30 2004 

Accupuncture (two c's), Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation wins

breast augmentation, breast implants

breast implants wins

breast augmentation, free sheet music

free sheet music wins by far, my favorite website for free piano sheet music is, free sheet music also beats "breast implants" as a search term

breast implant, breast implants

Breast implants is more common (the plural form is a more popular search)

breast implants, plastic surgery

The winner is by far: "plastic surgery" as a search term on google.

free sheet music, plastic surgery

Pretty much equal between the two terms in the search.  However to be more detailed, free sheet music started out more popular in 2004 then became less popular than plastic surgery in 2006.  I'm going to count plastic surgery as the popularity winner here because we are living in the current, not in 2004.

plastic surgery, xbox

no contest, xbox is on top

Acupuncture, botox

Acupuncture beats out botox in this trend search

restylane, botox

No contest, botox is on top by far

tummy tuck, breast augmentation

Tummy tuck is under breast augmentation

face lift, facelift

facelift is more common of a search term than face lift separately

varicose, liposuction

I'm using varicose instead of varicose veins.  The winner is:  Liposuction

liposuction, breast implants

It's pretty much a tie.

breast cancer, breast implants

Breast cancer is a much more common search

day spa, plastic surgery

This is an interesting comparison of the search terms.  Day spa used to be below plastic surgery in 2004.  Then the gap has narrowed such that they are both the same.  Due to the trends, it seems that day spa may beat out plastic surgery, plus there may be a search that makes day spa into plural:  day spas.  Thus I award the winner to "day spa."

microsoft, google

google took a big leap in the middle of the year 2005, and leaped over microsoft from then on.

google, yahoo

Yahoo leads the way in the number of searched for the word "yahoo" vs. the word "google."  The battle google vs. yahoo continues.  The gap is narrowing...

general surgery, gallbladder

Gallbladder wins by far

gallbladder, hernia

Hernia searches wins by far

botox, hernia

Hernia still leads the way.

viagra, hernia

Viagra wins

viagra, breast

Breast wins

viagra, breast cancer

Breast cancer dominates

silicone implants, saline implants

Silicone implants is the more common search term

piano, viagra

piano outpaces viagra by far

piano, massage

piano is still more popular

piano, violin

Classic case of piano vs. violin.  Well, the piano wins in the search game.  Sad but true.  I'm a violin fan.

violin, acupuncture

violin wins

plastic surgeon, plastic surgery

plastic surgery wins by a wide margin.

general surgeon, general surgery

General Surgeon is more popular.  This is interesting.  The Surgeon (the person) is above the field of general surgery.  It is the other away around for plastic surgeons and plastic surgery in this ressearch.

plastic surgeon, general surgeon

Somehow this doesn't surprise me, the plastic surgeon is more popular

plastic surgeon, breast augmentation

breast augmentation is more popular!

cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery

plastic surgery is more popular

cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation

"Cosmetic surgery" is more popular of a google search engine term than "breast augmentation"

back pain, hernia

hernia wins

microsoft, god

"microsoft" is mightier than "god" according to google.

diet, recipe

recipe wins

recipe, piano

recipe does it again

free, microsoft

"free" my favorite word

beauty, fitness

fitness wins over beauty

dermalogica, obagi

dermalogica wins worldwide as a search term.  But normalizing it to the US, Dermalogica and Obagi are equal.




Synthesis summary of the above comparisons

From most popular to least (volume of searches on google) based on google lab trends.  This is very helpful in putting my priorities in sync with the rest of the world.  Assuming that the rest of the world is plugged into google.  I've had to do a few more searches on Google Trends Labs to get all these in order.  This is a very valuable list to me, and I hope it helps you as well.

In order:

microsoft == jobs
wii (currently) - had a big upswing this year.
fitness = skin
free music
britney spears == madonna
sacramento = healthy
breast cancer
back pain
skin care
day spa
plastic surgery (very close to "day spa")
free sheet music
breast implants|augmentation
cosmetic surgery
breast implants == liposuction
breast augmentation
plastic surgeon
tummy tuck
breast implant
inguinal hernia
face lift
restylane = obagi
general surgeon
boob job
general surgery
medical spa
modesto bee
spider veins

Within Modesto Searches

The technique used here is to use Modesto as the first search item, followed by a series of commonly used words.  For example:  "modesto, police, bee, restaurants, restaurant." was used.  What I found was that if I used "modesto, bee, police, restaurant", this gave me a cascading 4 items which then I could compare to a 5th item for ranking purposes.

Here's the popularity ranking within Modesto, CA.  Once again, Modesto is the first search term.

  1. Free
  2. Music
  3. Bee
  4. Health
  5. Microsoft
  6. Police
  7. Restaurant
  8. Chinese
  9. Costco
  10. Restaurants
  11. Free music
  12. Fitness
  13. Surgery
  14. Symphony

Good Keywords v2

I have a program called good keywords v2 which will generate top 10 keyword suggestions based on Yahoo search engine.  If I type in Modesto as the Base Keyword, I get (12/25/06 search):


  1. modesto bee
  2. modesto junior college
  3. modesto ca
  4. modesto city schools
  5. city of modesto
  6. brenden theaters modesto
  7. modesto mall
  8. modesto police department
  9. modesto zip code
  10. modesto high school

Pretty neat!  If you want to download this program, it is Free (Free is one of the internet's best words.  Good Keywords download site.  Download it for yourself if you like.  Now trying a neighboring city, Stockton


  1. stockton ca
  2. city of stockton
  3. stockton thunder
  4. delta college stockton
  5. bank of stockton
  6. stockton unified school district
  7. richard stockton college
  8. john stockton
  9. stockton airport
  10. stockton arena

Stockton Ca

  1. san joaquin delta college stockton ca
  2. stockton ca zip code
  3. jobs in stockton ca
  4. city of stockton ca
  5. sherwood mall stockton ca
  6. stockton ca weather
  7. stockton ca map
  8. stockton ca craigslist
  9. bank of stockton ca
  10. stockton ca airport

Cities with the highest search on the following search terms (1 - is most popular)

Google Trends calculates the ratio of searches for your term coming from each city divided by total Google searches coming from the same city.  In otherwords, the cities are normalized.



  1. London Colney, UK
  2. Pleasanton (also pretty hot on Yoga)
  3. Portland, OR
  4. San Francisco
  5. Dublin
  6. New York
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Denver, CO

Breast implants

  1. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  2. Salt Lake City, UT
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Tampa, FL
  6. Oklahoma City, OK
  7. San Diego, CA
  8. Phoenix, AZ
  9. Kansas City, KS
  10. Irvine, CA

Breast implant

  1. Chandler, AZ, USA (I'm not sure why this wasn't on the "breast implants" list
  2. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Breast Augmentation

  1. Chandler, AZ, USA
  2. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  3. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
  4. Las Vegas, NV, USA
  5. Jacksonville, FL, USA
  6. San Diego, CA, USA
  7. Oklahoma City, OK, USA


  1. Modesto
  2. Hughson
  3. Yosemite National Park
  4. Turlock
  5. Patterson
  6. Stockton
  7. Sonora
  8. Merced
  9. Livermore
  10. Oakhurst

Stockton ca

  1. Stockton
  2. Livermore
  3. Modesto
  4. Turlock
  5. Elk Grove
  6. Roseville
  7. Sacramento
  8. Rancho Cordova
  9. Davis
  10. Bakersfield


  1. Roseville
  2. Mcclellan
  3. West Sacramento
  4. Sacramento
  5. Elk Grove
  6. Davis
  7. Rancho Cordova
  8. Rocklin
  9. Pine Grove
  10. Auburn

Tracy Ca

  1. Tracy
  2. Livermore
  3. Stockton
  4. Turlock
  5. Modesto
  6. Fremont
  7. Pleasanton
  8. Oakland
  9. San Jose
  10. San Francisco


  1. Milpitas
  2. Freemont
  3. Sunnyvale
  4. San Jose
  5. Pleasanton
  6. Santa Clara
  7. Cupertino
  8. Stanford
  9. San Francisco
  10. Redwood City


  1. Stockton, CA (!!!)
  2. Irvine
  3. Honolulu
  4. Chandler, AZ
  5. Norfolk, VA
  6. Las Vegas, NV
  7. Sand Diego, CA
  8. Pleasanton, CA
  9. Louisville, KY
  10. Rancho Santa Margarita


Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, and Milpitas - the rank order found:

Sacramento has the highest volume by far, followed by stockton, then modesto, and finally Milpitas (and Freemont is after Milpitas)

  1. Sacramento (highest)
  2. Stockton
  3. Modesto
  4. Milpitas
  5. Freemont

Modesto Ca, Sacramento Ca, Stockton Ca, Tracy Ca, Milpitas Ca

  1. Sacramento Ca
  2. Stockton Ca
  3. Modesto Ca
  4. Tracy Ca
  5. Milpitas Ca

The above puts my own searches in to a relative perspective.  Because my searches in google are a reflection of my life, these results allow me to justify some of my life's priorities, and to compare my priorities with that of the world's.

I also try to help some friends with their webpages by putting them on my own server such as for Jamie Weidman of Countrywide Home loans.  I feel a responsibility to know some things about search engine optimization.

Research done by Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Acupuncturist and General Surgeon and Tammy Wu, MD Modesto Plastic Surgeon.  Their server hosts this website.  Visit their website: surgery todayGoogle Trends is property of Google.  There is even a google group about the google-labs-trends - is an interesting website about searches that gain rapidly.

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