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Dr. Tammy Wu takes Gould Insurances starting in May 2006.  As of February 14, 2007, this is still true and verified.  Sutter Health / Gould has work with Dr. Wu since 2003.  Let us continue to provide great service in plastic surgery for you.  Call our plastic surgery office at 209-551-1888.  Dr. Tammy Wu no longer works under Sutter-Health / Gould Medical Group as a employee.  She has started her own practice with Dr. Calvin Lee.  This is a free standing office and company separate from Sutter Health and Gould Medical Group.  But they are still contracted with each other to provide excellent plastic surgery care.  Dr. Calvin Lee who is Dr. Tammy Wu's medical partner does not directly see patients under the Sutter Health / Gould insurances.

The Sutter Health / Gould insurances for plastic surgery are:


Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee's new location where Plastic Surgery meets Acupuncture and General Surgery.
This is not a Sutter Health / Gould building.

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Summary:  Dr. Wu no longer works for Gould / Sutter Health as their plastic surgeon, but she still provides plastic surgery services for Gould / Sutter Health.

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