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Modesto Plastic Surgery

Tammy Wu, MD - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Brief background and history in Modesto, CA
Creating Surgical Artistry in Modesto with surgeon/violinist husband Dr. Calvin Lee

Dr. Tammy Wu, board certified plastic surgeon, has been practicing plastic surgery in Modesto, CA since 2003.  She graduated from Ivy League Brown University Medical school in 1997 and graduated top of her medical school class.  She continued her surgical training at the prestigious training grounds for plastic surgeons at Southern Illinois University (SIU) Integrated Plastic Surgery Program.  Famed plastic surgeon, leader, and innovator, Dr. Elvin Zook was the chairman of the program at that time.  To obtain this position, she turned down an offer from Stanford University.  She felt that Southern Illinois University was a better fit for her own personality and plastic surgery future.  In Modesto, CA, she was the second female plastic surgeon to ever operate.  Dr. Mary Ann Piskun was the first and she had moved to Texas.  They have met at national plastic surgical meetings we are grateful for her advice about Modesto. 

Dr. Tammy Wu first started her practice of plastic surgery in Modesto at Sutter-Gould in 2003 and in 2006, she formed Surgical Artistry with her husband Dr. Calvin Lee, also a surgeon, but his specialty is general surgery and he is in charge of the Botox, dermal fillers (ie. Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), chemical peels, microdermabrasion, veins, and he has an additional specialty of acupuncture.  Dr. Calvin Lee first came to Modesto in 2003 and had joined the McHenry Medical Group (GMMSA), he departed the group to help form Surgical Artistry in 2006.  He also assists in some of Dr. Wu's plastic surgical procedures.  Calvin Lee is also a violinist.  Brown University Medical School Alumni magazine: Calvin Lee at Carnegie Hall.


Picture of Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee operating together


Plastic Surgery in Modesto, CA  - striving for the best

Dr. Tammy Wu moved to Modesto because of Dr. Calvin Lee's desire to become a broad spectrum General Surgeon.  Originally from New York City, he wanted to choose between a small town in Kansas vs. a small town in California.  Smaller towns offer general surgeons the ability to practice trauma, vascular, thoracic, pediatric, colorectal and endocrine surgeries in additional to bread and butter general surgery (hernias, breast cancer, appendix and gallbladder operations).  This broad based practice was the type of general surgery that Dr. Lee was able to encompass starting in 2003.  He is very thankful for having the opportunity to practice this style of broad based general surgery with the McHenry Medical Group.  Conflicts with the group led to leaving the group in 2006.  By then, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu grew some roots in Modesto, and decided to stay.   This offered new opportunities for Dr. Lee to join Dr. Wu to form Surgical Artistry in Modesto, California.

It has always been Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu's dream and goal to practice medicine and surgery at its highest level.  Dr. Lee obtained further training for medical doctors to become acupuncturists at Stanford University and has added acupuncture to the list of offerings at Surgical Artistry.  Dr. Wu, starting with her dedication to medical excellence, as shown by her #1 graduation award from Brown University Medical school, strives to provide the best care she possibly can with her Modesto based practice.

We work every day to improve our surgical skills.


Plastic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Tammy Wu. 
Consultation fee applies to hospital cosmetic surgeries

Dr. Wu believes that a great surgical result starts with a great surgical consultation.  The cosmetic consultations are with Dr. Wu herself and involve a great deal of detail and some decision making to be made together.  Sometimes decisions need to be thought out; for example, we have breast implant sizers that patients can borrow to take home.

In general, consultation with Dr. Wu is $200 (prices subject to change) and would apply towards hospital based surgical procedures.  We operate at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, Doctors Hospital Manteca, Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, and Memorial Hospital in Modesto.  Please consider calling us for a consultation with Dr. Wu (209) 551-1888.  Dr. Lee has different consultation fees (same telephone number).


More About Dr. Tammy Wu

Why Choose Dr. Tammy Wu for your plastic surgery?  (a list of reasons)

How much does plastic surgery cost?  (prices subject to change)

Breast Augmentation Options - Options for different types of implants, different incisions, placement, etc.



Actively growing with Modesto, CA

Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee are active in the Modesto community.  We are founding sponsors of the Gallo Center for the Arts, founding sponsors of the Modesto Symphony Fat Cat Classics, founding title sponsor of the Modesto Symphony Pops Series, and founding title sponsor of the Modesto Marathon.  Dr. Lee has been part of the Modesto Symphony board of directors and as a trustee.  Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee are also members of the Modesto running club - Shadowchase.  They have also created the Docs Play the Pops - a fund raiser featuring musical doctors for music education in Modesto


Working in Los Angeles, CA, but based in Modesto, CA

Dr. Tammy Wu also dedicates some of her time to being on the board of directors of the Cooperative of American Physicians, based in Los Angeles.  The Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) is owned and governed by the finest doctors practicing in the State of California.   Dr. Lee also spends time working with CAP as a district council member.  Both physicians have been featured in advertisements for CAP.  Using Dr. Lee's violin playing, CAP demonstrates that a healthy, happy physician leads a balanced life with outside interests.  Dr. Lee also believes that being a violinist allows one to carry over dexterity skills and practice discipline into the operating room. 

Because we spend time in Los Angeles, we have some plastic surgery patients who come from Los Angeles to see us in our office in Modesto, CA.  Many of these patients have come to love Modesto, CA like we do.  They spend a week after their surgeries here at a hotel with their families so that Dr. Wu can make sure there are no post operative complications.  While they are here, their family members enjoy the Gallo Center for the Arts and many find hiking and biking opportunities while our patient recovers from plastic surgery.



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