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Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Tammy Wu

Cost of the Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Tammy Wu

Dr. Wu believes that good knowledge is the key to your success.  This is the same belief that guided her to graduate #1 in her Ivy League Medical School, Brown University.  She wants to give you the opportunity to learn as much about the augmentation process as you can.

There is a lot to discuss regarding breast augmentation.  Be ready for a 2 hour one-on-one discussion and implant-size trial session with Dr. Wu.  As with other cosmetic surgery consultations, the fee of the consultation itself is $200.  However, the $200 is applied toward the breast surgery if scheduled within 6 months.  In other words, the consultation fee is deducted from the the cost of plastic surgery.  This is the policy for most hospital based cosmetic surgeries that we do.

We firmly believe that information and good pre-operative decision making is key to a great breast augmentation outcome.  You will have much to think about during and after the consultation.  We encourage patients to take the time to think about the information and ask us questions, even after the consultation.

Topics covered by Dr. Tammy Wu's consultation

Every consultation is individualized.  You will be talking directly to your surgeon, Dr. Tammy Wu.  The topics of Breast Augmentation are vast.  The information can fill volumes of textbooks.

An example of the  Breast Augmentation Consultation involves:

After the consultation with Dr. Wu, you will spend even more time with her assistant to talk about details of scheduling and costs of the surgery which are specific to you.  So consider reserving about 3 hours of time at our office.

Not sure about plunging into a formal consultation with Dr. Wu?  How about a free meeting to help you decide?

If you are very unsure of spending the $200 cost for the consultation because you're just starting to think about breast augmentation, breast lift or tummy tuck?  We offer free meetings with Dr. Wu's assistant, Karla.  She will introduce you to our office, the Surgical Artistry team, show you pictures, explain the estimated costs, and tell you more about Dr. Wu.  We would be happy to schedule a free meeting for you with Karla.  If you already scheduled a consultation with Dr. Wu, you will also meet Karla after the consultation.  Karla will be the one to help guide you through the processes surrounding your surgery.

Also another free resource, below is some reading material by Dr. Tammy Wu regarding breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Information written by Dr. Tammy Wu

If you're interested in a breast augmentation with Dr. Tammy Wu, she wrote this information for you!  This will help you develop more questions for your consultation.  All the links below point to the same long breast augmentation document, but they will direct you to the section of interest (the cost/price list is a different web page.  Click here to start reading from the top of the document.

Location of incisions for breast augmentation        placement of breast implants either above or below the pectoralis muscle  
Incisions                                             Above Muscle            Below Muscle


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