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Chemical Peels

written by Dr. Calvin Lee, Surgeon

Dr. Calvin Lee, General Surgeon-Botox Injector, performing a chemical peel on Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgeon
Picture of Dr. Lee performing a Peel procedure on Dr. Wu, Plastic Surgeon

Different Chemical Peels Offered

We offer a variety of Chemical Peels.  The two most popular chemical peels at our office (Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA) is the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance and the original Obagi Blue Peel.

Blue Peel and Blue Peel Radiance

Both of these peels are very different.  The Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE is considered a medium level peel for peels done on non-sedated (awake) patients.  The ORIGINAL Obagi Blue Peel is considered a deep level peel for peels done on awake patients.

I know that it is confusing because both peels have the word Blue Peel in it.  But it was a marketing decision that was made by Obagi. 

Original Blue Peel by Obagi (deep level)

For the ORIGINAL Blue Peel, we recommend that the patients are on retin-A for about 2 months prior to the treatment.  Preferably 2 months of the entire Obagi Nu-derm system. 

New Blue Peel Radiance by Obagi (medium level)

For the Blue Peel RADIANCE, we feel that no pre-treatment is needed.  Feel free to jump right in!  However, we don't recommend it on folks who refuse to wear sunblock and women who are pregnant. 

Indications of the Blue Peel RADIANCE

Dr. Tammy Wu's (Modesto Plastic Surgeon) commentary
on her experience receiving Blue Peel Radiance

Day of the Blue Peel Radiance (medium level) Date: 6/14/12

First day after Blue Peel Radiance Chemical Peel

Second day after

Third day after

Fourth day after

Concluding thoughts

Can we use the peel on the neck and chest?

Yes, but it will most likely require a second vial of the peel.

Other Chemical Peels ie. Skinceuticals Chemical Peels

There are other peels which are of milder consistency which can be done by Estheticians.  We sometimes have Estheticians in our office, please call us and find out.  The peels above are usually done by me (Dr. Calvin Lee, surgeon Botox injector).


working on a very even application of chemical peel.  Done by Dr. Lee on Dr. Wu (modesto, CA)
The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is an in-house, awake, procedure
which takes about 20-30 minutes.



frosting can be seen on the face from the chemical peel which is an acid
With the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, frosting on the skin
can be seen during the procedure.  A series of 4-6 of these peels
can be done for optimum results with a period of skin recovery
of about 2-4 weeks in between sessions.



Pictures by Lynne, Karla, and Dr. Lee.  Taken after work at Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA on 6/14/12.  Thank you.


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Obagi Blue Peel (original - deep)

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