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I found my surgical freedom at Doctors Medical Center

by Calvin Lee, MD, Surgical Artistry General Surgeon
written for July 4, 2012 in Modesto, CA

front entrance to doctors medical center, dmc, modesto, ca

July 4th signifies freedom.  We have many things to thank for our freedom.  There's freedom on so many levels - including speech, thought, expression, and with art.  For me as a surgeon, there is also freedom to execute what I've learned by putting together all my talents and resources. 

I was recently interviewed for an international publication for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians.  The interview helped me reflect on my success as a aesthetic physician, and how I got there.  A few weeks after the interview, I was offered a position to be an author for the publication.  There is a link on the bottom of this web page to this interview.  I also travel around California and Nevada giving lectures regarding aesthetics to other physicians during dinner programs.

Doctors Medical Center (DMC) of Modesto was one of the first places where I became a free surgeon.  Free from my residency guidance and safety net.  When I graduated from surgical residency, I had to pick a location to work.  I had job offers in San Diego and Los Angeles, but I decided on working in Modesto, CA.  In Modesto, the practice of general surgeon was more broad - it included the practice of trauma, vascular, and a bit of pediatric surgery in addition to the usual hernias, breast cancer, colon cancer, gallbladder, and thyroid operations. 

Looking through my surgical logs, I had managed to perform over 3000 surgeries in Modesto, CA.  Most of them were done at Doctors Medical Center.  The group that I had joined had ties to the founding and operations of this hospital; thus it was easy to operate mostly out of this hospital.  Plus the medical office building was right on the DMC campus.  But I also enjoyed operating at the other great hospitals in Modesto - Stanislaus Surgical Hospital (they use a picture of me operating) and Memorial Medical Center.  In fact Memorial is where I did my very first surgery outside of surgical residency.  My relationship with my original group ended in 2006, but in retrospect, that also gave me even more freedom to develop my surgical skills into those that could be used for aesthetics. 

Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee operating together as Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA
My wife (plastic surgeon, Dr. Tammy Wu) and I

I teamed up with my wife who is a plastic surgeon and we formed Surgical Artistry.  Currently, I mainly perform procedures in our office.  Procedures that I now focus on are vein procedures, Botox (medical and cosmetic indications), dermal injectable filler implants, lasers, and acupuncture.  It seems that I have a penchant for sharp needles (most of my procedures are related to using needles).  We estimated the number of needles that I throw away in a days' worth of work is over 400 needles, all done in my office.  I feel very satisfied with my current practice of aesthetic medicine and acupuncture.

I don't visit Doctors Medical Center as much these days as most of my procedures are no longer in the hospital.  I miss the hospital and mostly the people who work there who have really helped me and my surgical patients.  DMC is beautiful in pictures and inside my heart.  I have captured some pictures of DMC the Friday before July 4th, 2012.  I created this web page to say thanks to DMC and to help me remember the great things we have done together.  Although, I don't go to the hospital that much anymore, I still take opportunities to assist my wife in plastic surgeries and perhaps once in a while, I'll have a small general surgery case to take to the hospital.


Trauma surgeon parking spot at DMC, Modesto
Formerly my parking spot!  The best spot, of course.


flower pot lined pathway to the ER at DMC, Modesto, CA
The walkway to the Emergency Room at DMC, Modesto


Palm tree lines the side of the ER at DMC, Modesto
I love these palm trees surrounding the ER entrance


Ambulance at Doctors Medical Center, Modesto, CA
Here's the back entrance to Doctors Medical Center, Modesto


trauma slide boards on the side of DMC, Modesto
Transport sleds for trauma patients


Operating Room entrance doors OR doors at DMC modesto
Entry to the Operating Room - it feels like home there.


more OR doors at DMC modesto      Sign that says Operating Room, at DMC modesto



Dr. Nachtman, DMC, Modesto, CA plaque inside the hospital
Dr. Howard Nachtman, the history behind the hospital


doctors medical center entry sign
Street entrance


This is what the conference center looks like for Doctors hospital modesto, CA
This is the Conference Center of DMC.  Many community events held here



There are many internal courtyards & flowers
around the hospital for staff, patients, and families to enjoy:

courtyard in the middle of doctors hospital modesto


second floor view of the cancer survivor's courtyard at doctors hospital modesto


courtyard at doctors hospital modesto


cancer survivors courtyard at doctors hospital modesto, ca


flowers at doctors hospital, modesto


close up of some more flowers at doctors hospital, modesto


Concluding thoughts

Please feel free to use the pictures if you like for any use, just make a small mention that the picture were from me (Calvin Lee, MD) and perhaps a link back to this page for credit.

If you're a patient in pain or nauseated, it's hard to see the beauty of the hospital around you.  Anxious family members and stressed medical personnel miss out on the beauty.  I saw more beauty in this hospital after I wasn't in it every single day. 

Hopefully you are no longer in pain, nauseated, anxious or stressed.  Hopefully, as captured in pictures, you can see the beauty for yourself and enjoy the efforts that have been made to make the hospital environment more peaceful.




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