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Almond Orchard Blossoms

by Calvin Lee, MD, Modesto Surgeon


One of our favorite things to do in Modesto:

Visiting the almond orchards at the end of February and in March - blooming - like snow!  These pictures on this page were taken on 3/2/13 with my Canon 60D camera which I got from Costco less than a year ago.  Last year (2012), I took pictures in the orchard at the end of February and it was with a Sony pocket camera - and the orchards are just so amazing, all the pictures came out great.  While walking around in the orchards, you can see petals of the flowers on the grown and sometimes it looks like snow on the ground.  And the almond blossoms were buzzing with bees as you can see in the picture above.  The above picture was also used as my FaceBook cover photo at one point.  The dimensions of the photo is 851x315 which is the appropriate size for a FaceBook cover photo.  Feel free to join our Modesto Plastic Surgery FaceBook Page or my Personal FaceBook Page (Calvin Lee).


One of the things that strikes me is that the rows of trees seem endless but there is quite a bit of space between the trees.  You can drive trucks around these trees.  The rows are very neatly planted.  In one direction there are usually tire tracks.  The view in the almond orchard picture above is that of the perpendicular direction to the tire tracks made from the trucks used to maintain the almond orchard trees.  All the pictures here are from the same almond orchard in Modesto, and this orchard is a few feet from our home in Modesto, CA.  And all pictures were taken on 3/2/13 by Calvin Lee, MD (me).  It was a cloudy day, but the almond blossoms more than made up for it.


Dr. Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon, posing in front of the Almond Orchard trees.



Modesto is our home

We love living in Modesto, and I hope these pictures show you some of the good things about Modesto, CA.  The above picture was also used on my facebook cover photo.  I used the Surgical Artistry logo to give myself picture credits.  Although I didn't put it on the picture of Dr. Tammy Wu above, because I thought the picture was just perfect by itself and didn't want to alter it any further.

Beauty and Nature as related to Plastic Surgery and Acupuncture?

We spend our entire day thinking, planning, and doing plastic surgical related activities.  Visiting beauty in nature is a great way for us to recharge and get inspiration for our plastic surgical activities.  These almond blossoms are very beautiful.  Dr. Tammy Wu focuses more on the surgical aspects (breast surgeries - breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction - tummy tuck, face lift, liposuction) and I focus more on the minimally invasive aspects of plastic surgery.  Sometimes my focus is called non-surgical cosmetic surgery (Botox, Fillers, Veins, Acupuncture), however because I am a surgeon, everything I do feels surgical , so I've opted to call these procedures minimally invasive surgical procedures.  Acupuncture in many ways is like plastic surgery - it's beauty on the inside.  I wrote a brief article introducing acupuncture and qi which needs to flow freely to create a healthy body, and in our opinion a healthy person is a beautiful person.  I've also come to realize that the healthier and happier I feel, the better my creativity and efforts for my patients.  Thus, the better I am, the better the results I get for my patients.  As I've become more experienced in my surgical craft, I've learned that I should put my own health and happiness as a priority.  My own well being translates into my patients well being.  Taking breaks and recharging is something I also valued as a youngster but in a different way where I played video games.  Now there's studies showing that video gamers become better surgeons.  This was an important lesson I especially learned during my transition from having a predominant trauma/general surgery practice to a predominant acupuncture practice in 2006. 


Thank you for visiting our page on nature, the beauty of Modesto, CA and it's relationship to Plastic Surgery.  Feel free to use the pictures of the blooms if you like, just keep the Surgical Artistry Logo on them.

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