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My SEO sins

By Calvin Lee, MD Surgeon and SEO dabbler

Search Engine Optimization for Plastic Surgeons

Around mid May of 2012, I noticed that my high ranking plastic surgery webpages have been penalized.  Some seemed to have disappeared from Google search.  SEO by the way = Search Engine Optimization.  It's the ranking race that determines the order of appearance after you type in a search term or phrase into a search engine.  The better your SEO, the higher up you show up in the results.  Ideally the #1 spot would be best.  Google is the discussion of this webpage.  There are some other excellent search engines as well but perhaps another discussion at another time.

Google doesn't publish exactly what they are thinking, thus we have to guess.  I've done my own guessing and soul searching to see what I've done to deserve this severe downranking.  Google periodically updates it's search algorithm and it gives it creatives names such as Panda and Penguin.  Penguin is a recent change.  Panda was right before Penguin from what I understand.  Keep in mind that these are my thoughts and I just dabble in SEO as a small hobby.  I have many other hobbies that I take seriously.  So I'm probably not the world's expert on this.

I hope that the the Penguin Search Engine Optimization update continues to evolve.  Some of my best websites with great content can't be found too easily now.  But perhaps I'm somewhat to blame for this problem.

Here are my thoughts on what I've done wrong in the eyes of almighty Google.


Too many domain names

Microsite Abuse

These are sites in my mind that have a focus.  For example.  Surgical Artistry provides services in Veins, general surgery, Acupuncture, Botox, and Plastic Surgery.  Then for my preference in making webpages, I would make a separate page for each item.  For example for veins, I have and for general surgery I would have and so forth.  For plastic surgery, I had even more separated microsites:  I had for breast augmentations, and for abdominoplasties.

I think somehow Google doesn't like this idea of microsites so much anymore.  It seemed to like it in the past, and had rewarded me with the #1 SEO position for all these webpages.  Now I can't even find some of these pages after searching through the first 5 google pages of search results. 

I personally like the idea of microsites so that I can focus and make use of my 300+ domain names.  Plus it's easy to tell folks about which URL to use depending on their interest.  If they are interested in lasers, I'd tell them to go to  Or if it was skincare it would be  To correct this problem with Google, I guess I'll try to make all the webpages under one umbrella website:  It somehow chose to penalize that website the least.  It seems as though they have figured out the oldest of my websites or went by some sort of size measurement, and chose to lessen the value of the microsites surrounding it.

Yes, I'm sure you will say this is way too many webpages and too many microsites for my business.  Perhaps I got too carried away.

Anchor Text Abuse

An example of Anchor text is:  SEO in Modesto instead of just a raw link like:  I have some theories as to why Google thinks I abused anchor texts.

Abnormal Language Abuse

Yes, I'm guilty for writing for how I think a machine will like to read instead of how a human would like to read.  I've written things like, "Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgery Modesto Cosmetic Medical Spa, sees patients from Manteca, Stockton, Ripon, Oakdale, Riverbank, Sacramento, Turlock, Ceres, Patterson, Sonora, Tracy."   Yep, pretty ridiculous.  If my wife (Dr. Tammy Wu) saw that, she would make me take it down, and Google seems to agree.

I've noticed that Google now seems to have a thesaurus.  And consideres Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to be similar words.  So I don't need to title my webpages as "Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgery Surgeon Cosmetic"  which for humans makes no sense.  It's not a great user experience.  So I will mend my ways since Google's Penguin update seems to make fun of it too.

What I'm going to do to cope with Google Penguin and future changes

So where do I stand right now in the Google search world 6/18/12

I'm no longer number one.  In fact I don't think I'm number one in much of anything any more.  Sad.  But it's a slap in the face to wake up and clean up.  I'm not sure what the search results are, because Google has a way of knowing where I'm working from and somehow has given me different search results to look at vs. what the rest of the world is seeing.  Plus it changes quite frequently.  I've also noticed that the searches are different depending on which browser (IE or chrome for example) or computer that I use. 

My #1 webpages have disappeared.  So what's coming up on most of the search engines are older webpages that I have made which for some reason didn't get downgraded.  For example my webites are not easily found, as are my,, and  So what I have left is now trying to compete with other websites and this is how my Google search results have dropped.

I used to have as a #1 search for "Modesto breast augmentation" =  Now I am #4 for the same search but with a strange website   Reading into this reason came up with the majority of this webpage above.

Search Phrase Current Organic Result Previous 2011 Result
modesto plastic surgery #2 Local #1
modesto plastic surgeon #1 #1
modesto botox #3 #1
modesto breast augmentation #4 #1
modesto tummy tuck #3 #1
modesto veins #2 #2
modesto spider veins #5 #2
modesto acupuncture #2 #1
modesto skin care #2 #1
ask dr wu can't find #1
big veins can't find #1

The last two search phrases aren't actually important but it told me that my websites and have been severely downgraded.  Just clues into what Google has been thinking with their Penguin updates.


only search

I'm going to try to improve on the above search terms.  Hopefully when you try it, my results will be better.




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