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Nikki Chiverrell of Skinnovations discusses her Passion for Skin Care

Skinnovations with Nikki

Note from Dr. Calvin Lee:  Nikki has her own skin care center called Skinnovations.   Here, she kindly shares her expertise with Surgical Artistry.  She does not work at Surgical Artistry and our only connection is that we are friends.  We have no business connections.  Some of our services overlap (such as microdermabrasions and peels)  We do not carry the 302 skin care products that she mentions in her article.  We have tremendous respect for Nikki and wish her the best of luck with her new skin care center which opened for business in May 2012.  This interview was written in July 2012 with Nikki Chiverrell of Skinnovations, 619 13th Street, suite J, Modesto, CA 95354.  (209) 606-2224.


Background and qualifications

Nikki Chiverrell
of Skinnovations

I am a licensed esthetician with advanced training in medical skin care treatments and products. I am also a certified Obagi specialist, certified Zerona laser technician, and have completed numerous training programs for corrective skincare therapy including clinical depth chemical peels. I have a vast knowledge of many medical aesthetic products and procedures including Botox, Dermal Fillers, IPL photo facials, Laser hair removal, Sub-ablative resurfacing lasers, Obagi Blue Peel, and many more. I have been trained in camouflage make-up applications and post procedure skin care.

What made me interested in skincare?

I have been an esthetician for 5 wonderful years now. When I first made the decision to leave my 12 year long career as an Interior Designer, it was due to an amazing treatment that I had at a luxury spa in Sonoma, Ca. The esthetician who performed my first ever facial was wonderful. She was relaxed and seemed to be very happy in general. I thought to myself, “wow..this seems like a great career choice.” I had always been very interested in medicine and the beauty industry, so it seemed to be a perfect marriage of the two. While attending school, I became a sponge. I couldn’t get enough and soon the basic course work just didn’t satisfy my hunger to know all I could about skin. I began to counsel my educators about how to delve deeper into the physiology and histology of this incredible organ. My career move was now my new passion. I attended advanced training at the Dermal Institute in Sacramento, CA during and after graduation. I read books, studied online courses, and attended many skin and body seminars and trade shows, and I still do! Before I opened Skinnovations, I was the lead Clinical Esthetician at well known laser clinic in Modesto, CA. During my years there, I had the privilege of working with and training under an amazing Surgeon, nurse practitioner, and R.N.s. I quickly found that the deeper I was able to get into the skin, and with my growing expertise in various corrective skincare treatments, this was indeed my calling. What better way to make a living and gain personal gratification than to make people feel refreshed, healthy, happy, and beautiful? This really isn’t a job for me as much as it is a paid hobby.

What services do I offer in the office and what do I expect to offer in the future? What equipment do I have?

I offer many services in order to transform and nourish the skin. Treatments include facials, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic facials, advanced chemical peels, acupressure massage, aromatherapy, full body and facial waxing, ear candling, electrotherapy, and make-up application. I continuously explore the newest and cutting edge trends in skincare and future services will include LED therapies, oxygen facials, and LHE light modalities to treat hyperpigmentation and Rosacea. I have a range of professional skincare products for purchase to ensure that the results achieved in the treatment room are maintained at home with a proper daily skincare regimen. I believe in providing the highest level of service and satisfaction, so to ensure the best results and comfort level, my equipment is superior in its quality. Microdermabrasions are performed with a crystal free diamond tip machine. It is equipped with multiple heads in order to treat the face and body, 2 ultrasound wands, an ultrasonic skin scraper for deep cleaning, and a hepa filter. For acne prone skin, I sometimes use a high frequency machine to shrink lesions and kill P Acne bacteria.

If I were to be stranded on a desert island, what 2 products would I bring for myself?

If I were limited to only 2 products while being stranded on a remote island, my first choice would be SPF 30 by 302 professional skincare. It is a broad spectrum physical block containing micronized minerals of Titanium and Zinc Oxide that goes on lightly and absorbs quickly. The second would be 302 Plus Serum due to its simplicity and efficacy. It is a perfect blend of Avogen, peptides, niacin, vitamin C and urea. It just plain gets the job done!

302 skin care available at Skinnovations

How do you contact me?

To schedule a complimentary consultation or one of my services, I can be reached by phone, email, Skinnovations Facebook page, or via the website. Treatments are available by appointment only.

(209) 606-2224

812 14th street
Modesto CA 95354


The above interview answers were written by Nikki Chiverrell of Skinnovations in July 2012.  New address effective around 3/18/13.

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