Chinese Restaurants in Modesto, A Review

Written by Calvin Lee (Modesto General Surgeon), with opinions from Tammy Wu (Modesto Plastic Surgeon)

Chinese restaurants are great place to eat.  The food is relatively affordable and there's the chance of sharing it family style - where the plate is placed in the center of the table and friends and family get to share the entire variety of food.  But there's many Chinese restaurants to choose from.  We haven't been to all the Chinese restaurants in Modesto, CA, but we've been to most.  We've become frequent visitors to these Chinese restaurants since we don't have much time to cook.  We wish we could hire a cook.  In fact we have tried to hire a Chinese cook before, but that didn't work.  You'll probably find us at one of these restaurants around dinner time, Monday through Friday.  Regardless, the review has moved from this page onto a better location: - a review of some Chinese Restaurants in Modesto.


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01/11/2007 last updated.  Please see the new location for our Chinese Restaurant Review - Modesto.

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