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Performing masterpieces on stage and in the operating room

by Calvin Lee, MD

picture by Adrian Luna


Videos featuring the music of Calvin Lee, MD


This video is my FAVORITE !!  This is the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.  I was the soloist with the Brown U Orchestra.  It is mainly a sound recording.  The pictures are unrelated - pictures of the Surgical Artistry building coming together, my friends' wedding, and some trauma/gun shot related pictures - yes, random.  It even has piano pictures - there is no piano in the sound track - sorry.  I needed a way to put a sound track onto YouTube, and this was my method.  Slightly more related, I am pictured with many famous musicians. 

Great memories from those Brown University days and my old violin which has since been replaced.  I hope the pictures are not a distraction.  Just listen...


Schindler's List solo.  I was a guest concert-master in Taipei, Taiwan.  National Concert Hall, July 17, 2009.  I subsequently traveled to Hong Kong and Macau.  Thank you so much for the opportunity for this and for the Mendelssohn violin concerto solo.


ABC News San Francisco, includes the winning YouTube violin video in 2009.  Video states about my violin playing: "Not too shabby."  You can find the original youtube video of my online audition - consider searching in youtube: "calvin lee violin bach presto".  There is also a video of me featured in ABC World News somewhere on YouTube.


Trying out a little piano (I'm better known for my violin playing).  This piece is a little bit harder than I thought.  It was a mistake to start with this first piece.  I didn't realize till later that it had to be played really fast.  So here it is... really fast.


For your iPod / iPad

Piano practice as a dexterity and artistry booster for violin and surgery:

Free MP3:  Calvin Lee, MD plays piano:  Debussy Arabesque #1 
(right click to download)

Botox relaxes the muscles, this piece relaxes the mind.


Highlights from my Music Resume


Calvin Lee at the
Gallo Center for the Arts, 2008



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