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Tammy Wu, MD, Plastic Surgeon in Modesto, California

Above address is our old address.  We are now on DALE ROAD across from Kaiser hospital in Modesto, CA.

Office Address:  4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA 95356.  We moved March 2019

Telephone:  209-551-1888

Modesto Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by ABPS in Plastic Surgery

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Day Spas/ Medi Spas / Medspas in the Modesto Area, a comprehensive listing updated 9/8/07, updated again 3/23/08:

This list keeps growing.

Did you know that there are more day spas in America than there are Starbucks Coffee shops?

Offerings in Day Spas may include:


Thank you for visiting our plastic surgery website.  And stay tuned for more information about our new office in Modesto, California. 

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This listing is provided for your convenience, we do not provide any endorsements on any of the spas listed on this page.

A stand alone medspa?

We thought about starting a stand alone medi spa, but because of the recent negativity surrounding the financial difficulties of running a spa.  We decided to keep our spa practice within our walls of our medical practice.

An example of this negative medispa article from the Wall Street Journal.  However we hope this isn't a trend that continues.  We may plan to open our own free standing medspa in the next few years.

If the link doesn't work, here's a brief summary:  "Medspa Boom Becomes Bust"

WSJ by Rhonda Rundle Nov 2006


As an aside, in our own experience.  We enjoy running our medi-spa part of our practice.  We have microderm, lasers, a great aesthetician, vein procedures, we sell NIA 24, Scar Guard, Obagi products.  Our experience (now in our second year with the medi-spa aspect of our practice), shows that we are doing relatively well financially from this standpoint - the veins being the best part of this "spa" practice, but it is a small part of our financial picture.  We see our medi-spa services as a service to our clients / patients.  Our surgeries are still the main part of our practice financially and medically.  However our number may be slightly skewed because we include vein SURGERIES as part of the "Spa" experience.  Some may eliminate the SURGERIES from our analysis for the spa portion.

Regarding our advertising expenses.  We spend very little on advertising for the medical spa or at all for that matter.  We rely mostly on word-of-mouth.

Best of luck if you're thinking about a medical spa.

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About Surgical Artistry, Inc.

Surgical Artistry is a husband-wife team of dedicated surgeons who provide services in Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Acupuncture, and Vein Procedures.  Dr. Calvin Lee is a board certified General Surgeon who specializes in veins, gallbladders, hernias, breast cancer, and acupuncture.  Dr. Tammy Wu is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Breast and body contouring such as tummy tucks and liposuction.  They have been practicing surgery in Modesto since 2003.  Under the same roof, botox, lasers, facials, and skin care products are also available.

In addition to superb surgical skills, our focus is communication.  Many of our consultations take about an hour to ensure that we become partners in your surgery and that we share the same goals.  Our patients have access to our cell phones to call with any questions, and email is also a possible means of communication.  We are very technology savvy, in fact this web page is made by Dr. Calvin Lee.  Our technology advantage also helps us in your surgical / medical care.  We only use the highest grade technology and materials in our practice.  This high quality standard and accepting nothing less is our philosophy for our family, for our lives, and for our patients.

There are many other advantages of having a plastic surgeon and general surgeon working together.  The practice gets a fusion of ideas and techniques that benefit our patients.  For example, for breast cancer, Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu frequently work together to remove the cancer and then reconstruct the breast.  The doctors are always discussing ways to combine their talents.  This hybridized surgical group is a very unique combination which ultimately benefits our patients.  Even more special is the addition of Dr. Calvin Lee's acupuncture knowledge which adds a holistic and more natural approach to healing from your surgery.

If you are committed to self improvement and excellent health; Surgical Artistry is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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Other spas in Modesto is an attempt to catalog the Spa-type places in  Modesto that offer a medical slant - towards a medi-spa type environment.  We know that there are more spas than starbucks in the U.S.  Thus, it's hard to keep this listing current.