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Beauty and health require discipline and diligence

The goal of continued self improvement

Beauty and Health intertwined

We believe that beauty is a reflection of inner health.  We also believe in the reverse - that beauty leads to greater well being starting with greater inner and outward confidence.  Thus, beauty and health work together.  There are other reasons to put a premium on physical appearance.  There is a Federal Reserve study that shows that beautiful people are more successful at the work place

The healthy lifestyle reflects in your skin, but beauty is more than skin deep

At Surgical Artistry, we not only help create beauty with surgical and nonsurgical means, we also promote a healthy lifestyle.  Smoking, for example, in addition to being bad for our health in many ways, is one of the biggest causes that deteriorate the skin and weaken surgical results.  Skin changes are one of the most visible signs of aging.  We try to work with our Modesto area patients to have them stop smoking, especially before having plastic surgery (especially relevant to facelift) procedures.  Smoking interferes with the healing of plastic surgery interventions.  One might consider enlisting the help of acupuncture in smoking cessation and general health issues if multiple tries at smoking cessation have failed.

Holistic - from all angles

Maintaining one's health and beauty requires a multimodality holistic approach - meaning that there are many different avenues that need to be explored and experienced and the whole body needs to be kept in mind - not just one part of the body.  Also, maintaining and furthering one's health and beauty takes work.  There is a tendency for our bodies and lives to go into chaos, and we need to provide energy and work to maintain order; in other words our beauty and health has a programmed tendency towards deterioration every year such as gaining weight every year.  Studies show that most folks gain a pound of fat each year and lose up to 1/2 pound of muscle each year starting in their thirties.  We need to provide discipline and diligence to counteract, as much as possible, the deterioration and in some many instances provide improvement. 

Success as a result of hard work

Most good things in life come to most people with effort and persistence.  Whether it be an advanced degree, a great marathon finish, or sales success, hard work is the currency that fuels these accomplishments.  Beauty and health are also accomplishments that can be obtained and most importantly maintained.

Prevention is better than cure

There are also many things that can be done to prevent aging from cascading onto our bodies too quickly.  Instead of erasing years off, wouldn't it be nice to ward off the years instead?  There are strategies to keep our skin healthy, and products to apply to our skin to resist wrinkles.  These products are offered at our plastic surgery office in the form of skin care products such as obagi, microdermabrasion, restylane, and botox.  Yes, there are roles for these product lines to prevent premature lines in your face.

Avoid madness but find motivation that satisfies

Despite all this preaching about improving ourselves and our lives.  There needs to be an inner peace - that we are satisfied with being who we are:  but part of who we includes the need for self improvement.  An excess of anything is detrimental, ie. too much of a good thing is bad.  If one pursues perfection with crazed madness, one becomes insane.  Insanity distorts our lives and of course, becomes destructive.  We need to prevent this and find a balance between madness and motivation.

Modesto, a Mecca for Health?

Modesto provides many places such as spas, health clubs, cosmetic salons, laser centers and alternative health / complementary health centers to obtain care and improved health and beauty.  We provide many of these services in Modesto, CA under the guidance of a plastic surgeon and a holistic minded general surgeon.  We strive to be a big part of one's goals for greater health and beauty.  If your goals are greater health and beauty, we would love to meet you and be a part of your health and beauty improvement strategies and success.


(c) Tammy Wu, MD Modesto Plastic Surgery and Wellness Center 2006-2007.  An original plastic surgery essay by Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee (In addition to general surgery, Dr. Lee also practices acupuncture)

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