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CEP and Sigvaris Running Compression socks!

Sigvaris - offering medical grade 20-30 mmHg compression for athletes

Peak Your Performance - Benefits of Running Compression socks

SIGVARIS Performance Sports/Running Socks improve blood circulation and increase oxygen delivery to muscle tissue, maximizing an athlete’s endurance. Athletes who wear these socks may also benefit from less sports-related aches and pains, optimizing their performance potential.  At Surgical Artistry we not only sell these to runners, we place patients after vein procedures in these compression socks.

Original pricing $70.  Call our Modesto, California office for our pricing.  (209) 551-1888


Additional Features and Benefits

  • Achilles Tendon Protector, reduces vibration on vulnerable ligaments when running

  • Footbed Cushion Zone and Toe Protectors keep feet blister-free

  • Latex-free High-Tech Fibers provide odor and thermal control; socks stay incredibly dry

  • Extra-wide Top Band keeps sock comfortably in place

benefits of compression socks

compression sock size chart - find your size


Our Plastic Surgery Location in Modesto, CA:  2336 Sylvan Ave, Located next to post office on Sylvan Ave. Modesto, CA (209) 551-1888 - Plastic Surgery Modesto

Sigvaris Compression Sleeves

  • Offering Medical Grade compression (20-30mmHg) in a Calf Sleeve.

  • Completely smooth on the inside, thus extremely comfortable. 

  • Original pricing $54.  Call our office for our price.  209-551-1888

different colors of compression sleeves for Sigvaris

Sigvaris compression sleeve - what size are you?

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Sigvaris Recovery Socks

  • Used for Recovery
  • Lower cost than the Sigvaris Performance Socks
  • No antiblister features
  • The compression is lower 15-20mmHg rather than 20-30mmHg (for performance - while running)
  • Slightly thicker sock than the Performance Socks.
  • Original pricing $40.  Call our office for our price.  (209) 551-1888.

sigvaris recovery sock sizing chart



CEP - we carry sleeves and socks in variety of colors

CEP Measurements for Running Socks and Sleeves.

CEP running compression sock sizing chart

CEP Original Pricing

  • CEP running compression socks originally $60.  Please call our office for our pricing (209) 551-1888.

  • CEP running compression sleeves for the calf, originally $40, Call our office in Modesto, CA, USA for our pricing.


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