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Tammy Wu, MD, Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Modesto, California

Dr. Tammy Wu went to Brown University undergraduate and Brown University Medical School.  She graduated top of her medical school class.

Dr. Wu is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. She is a board certified plastic surgeon.


Dr. Tammy Wu participates in the maintenance of Plastic Surgery Certification program every 3 years.


introduction to

by Tammy Wu, MD

The purpose of this web page, personally made by Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee, is to introduce you to the options and variables which are available in breast augmentation surgeries.  The options involve breast implant choices, patient factors, and surgical decisions such as placement of the implants above or below the muscle and location of the incision.  But first we're going to introduce you to Dr. Tammy Wu's Modesto Surgical Practice and give you our best links for more breast augmentation information.  After that, you will get to the unique section on breast augmentation options.

Highlights about Dr. Tammy Wu & Surgical Artistry, Modesto
regarding Breast Augmentation

Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee operating together.
Dr. Calvin Lee is sitting, he is really not that short!
Together, their medical practice is Surgical Artistry

Dr. Lee is usually not available for breast augmentation surgeries,
but is available for assisting with Tummy Tuck surgeries.


Our Top 3 Breast Augmentation Pages

We hope you like these web pages which Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee have personally made, we have worked hard to provide as much information as we can in your research regarding breast augmentation.  If you are serious about breast augmentation, these are high quality pages.  Please feel free to link to them if you have your own web pages.

1. Detailed Breast Augmentation Info written by Dr. Tammy Wu - includes discussion of saline vs. silicone, safety, under vs over the muscle for the breast implants, the cost of breast augmentation, and different incisions used for breast augmentation.  This FAQ page Includes a video by Natrelle/Allergan Inc. (manufacturer of breast implants - this video requires flash and may not work on all devices - especially mobile devices).

2. More reasons to consider Dr. Tammy Wu for your Breast Augmentation Surgery - this is similar to the reasons listed above, but the list goes on because there are many reasons why we are so proud to have Dr. Tammy Wu as Surgical Artistry's Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon in Modesto, CA.

3. The Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Tammy Wu - if you are serious about getting breast augmentation.  You should consider reading this page to get an idea of our detail oriented breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Tammy Wu.  You will have about 2.5 hours of personalized time with Dr. Tammy Wu, your plastic surgeon.  You will be covering topics of breast implants, sports considerations, pain reduction, longevity of the breast implants, and surgical pain reduction during recovery from breast augmentation.  Plus afterwards, you will meet with her assistant regarding costs and scheduling.  So reserve about 3 hours or more to be at our office.


Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu on vacation.  But still thinking about their plastic surgery office and still available to take cell phone calls for any urgent issues from patients.
Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu without
masks covering up their faces.
Picture taken in 2013.


Breast Augmentation Options
and variables

by Tammy Wu, MD, Modesto Plastic Surgeon

In addition to your breast augmentation goals and body shape (breast implant patient variables) there are many other variables to consider.  We've separated the variables into breast implant options, patient aspects, and breast augmentation surgery variations.  As you can see, this is part of the reason why the breast augmentation consultation could take some time.

Breast Implant Options - the implant itself

  1. Breast Implant Size - usually measured in CC's (cubic centimeters).  The size should be a joint decision between you and Dr. Tammy Wu.  It is based on much more information and measurements than bra cup size.

  2. Breast Implant Width - meaning the width of the base of the implant.  If the implant is too wide, not only can the appearance be less than optimal, it can also lead to problems like symmastia (commonly called "uniboob"), which is a condition in which the cleavage disappears due to lack of space on chest. Additionally, the stress on your breast tissue may lead to other future problems.  If it is not wide enough, there may be too large of a gap in between the breasts, leading to a less than optimal outcome.

  3. Breast Implant Shape - while there are different shapes to the implants, such as the anatomical, or tear-drop shape and round shapes, the round implants are most commonly used in breast augmentation. There are situations in which an anatomical shaped implant may be better for your body, but that is something that Dr. Wu would discuss with you during consultation.

  4. Breast Implant Projection - there are different styles of implants that have different amount of projection. Generally speaking, there are three: moderate profile (the original projection of implants - also called the Style 10 for Natrelle implants), medium profile (or Moderate Plus Profile for Mentor implants and Style 15 for the Allergan Natrelle implants), and high profile (which had the highest projection before some of the new implants that have come out - and this is the Style 20 in the Natrelle implants). Now there is an even higher projecting implant than the High Profile (Mentor) or Style 20 (Natrelle). It is the Style 45 (Natrelle) and the Ultra-High (Mentor) projection implant, which is designed to accommodate individuals with small chest who may desire larger volumes.

  5. Breast Implant Filler Material - silicone, highly cohesive vs saline. But the shell of both saline and silicone gel implants are both made of silicone polymers.  We're going to address the pros and cons of saline vs silicone gel implants on another web page to be made soon!

  6. Breast Implant Shell Characteristics - smooth vs. textured.  Textured implants were designed to minimize capsular contracture. But studies have shown (PRS) that if the implants are placed under the muscle (subpectoral or submuscular), there is no difference in the rate of capsular contracture for either smooth or textured implants. Therefore, the textured implants lose their advantage of decreased contracture rate. The textured implants, however, have been shown to have a higher spontaneous rupture rate (PRS). Therefore, these options are discussed in detail with Dr. Wu during the consultation to make sure that you make the best choice for your body and your needs.

  7. Breast Implant Manufacturer - Allergan vs. Mentor. Currently, these are the two main manufacturers of breast implants in the USA. Both companies' headquarters are located in Santa Barbara. The main differences between the two companies' implants are the dimensions and the projection, as well as the volumes. Mentor implants are all made in the USA in Irving, Texas.

  8. Manufacturer Breast Implant Warranty - Both companies, Allergan and Mentor, warranty their implants for 10 years. This warranty comes directly from the implant companies themselves. For every pair of implants that are placed inside an individual's body, the implants are registered with the respective company. The limited warranty, provided directly by the implant companies, will give you a set of implants free of charge regardless of the timing of the rupture, ie, it does not matter whether your implants rupture within 10 years or beyond 10 years. However, you do need to be able to prove the brand of your implants in order to activate this portion of the warranty. The main difference is that within 10 years, the implant company will pay toward the replacement surgery, usually up to $1200. One can purchase an "extended" warranty, but this warranty does not extend the life of the warranty beyond 10 years. This extended warranty provides up to $2400 toward the implant replacement surgery should the implants rupture within 10 years. Beyond 10 years, again, there is no monetary compensation toward the replacement surgery.

Patient Aspects

  1. Height/Weight/Body mass index

  2. Skin thickness - if your skin is too thin and the implant edges can be felt or seen as ripples, you may want to consider placing the implants under the muscle.

  3. Muscle thickness

  4. Skin envelope issues - previous breast implants can create excess skin.  The opposite problem of having too much skin poses a challenge as well - especially in the selection of the proper breast implant.

  5. Sagging issues - will a breast lift be needed?

  6. Previous scars from previous surgeries - ie. Breast Cancer operations?

  7. Surrounding adipose tissue

  8. Chest size / Ribcage size

  9. Arm issues - meaning will the arms brush against the new breast implants

  10. Back pain issues

  11. Athletic goals - running or body building?

  12. Symmetry - most patients are not symmetrical to begin with.

  13. Existing breast size and tissue quality.

Surgery Variations

  1. Location of breast augmentation incisions / Location of scars - There are three main locations of these incisions: below the mammary crease, around the areola, and in the arm pit (axilla) area.

  2. Under vs. Over the muscle placement of breast implants

Hopefully you haven't been overwhelmed by our breast augmentation options list.  There's actually more variables than what we've listed.  Dr. Tammy Wu will help you navigate through choices and decisions regarding your personalized Breast Augmentation experience.  Of course safety is our foremost concern.  Please do visit our Top 3 Breast Augmentation Web Pages - links are above.  The links below are less important for breast augmentation patients.

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Types of breast surgeries performed

by Dr. Tammy Wu - board certified plastic surgeon and Dr. Calvin Lee - board certified general surgeon

Cosmetic breast procedures
Breast Implants / Augmentation
Silicone and Saline implants
Breast lift
Breast liposuction
Breast reduction
Breast contouring/symmetry procedures

Breast Reconstruction
Latissimus Flap
Tram Flap
Immediate breast cancer reconstruction

Breast Cancer Operations
Skin Sparing Mastectomy
Total Mastectomy
Sentinel Lymph node biopsy
Core biopsies


Breast Surgeon, Modesto, CA, Surgical Artistry

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This was our previous office in Modesto, we have since moved to Dale Road
Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Tammy Wu work here.


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