Violin Adventures in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei National Concert Hall

Taipei Civic Orchestra

Calvin Lee, Violin

(Spells Calvin Lee in Chinese)

Shindler's List, guest concertmaster, concertmaster solos, July 17, 2009




The National Concert Hall of Taipei seats about 2000 people in this auditorium.  The dressing/green rooms are spacious and very nice with couch, shower, and closets.  The dressing room that I had even had a upright piano in it.

I wasn't sure what the situation would be for changing and what kind of time frame we had.  The Taipei Civic Orchestra plays at this hall three times a year, so they were used to it.  I decided since I needed a chance to practice in my performance clothes to go to the dress rehearsal fully dressed for the concert.   

The violin playing pictures above are from the rehearsal.  The posed pictures are from intermission and from after the concert itself.   People wanted pictures with me (that's interesting in itself) and I responded with "How about taking one with my camera" - so I'd have some pictures to share.  I didn't purposely seek out people to take pictures with.  I was busy preparing and packing up.  I haven't figured out how to drive around Taipei, as I can't read the street signs, and I've gotten rides from other people.  During the dress rehearsal, I had a chance to practice the Mendelssohn Violin concerto 2nd and 3rd movements.  Dr. Kim Chang, dentist and violinist extraordinaire, took the violin action photos of me.  During the concert, my solo included Shindler's List by John Williams (Dedicated and first played by Itzhak Perlman).  YouTube video of Itzhak Perlman playing Schindler's List - I didn't get much of a chance to study this video before I played our version of it.  Dr. Kim Chang, by the way, is an awesome violinist.  The orchestra played well.  And most of all, I enjoyed meeting the amazing folks in the orchestra.  I feel very inspired and fortunate to have met my new friends.

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And.... here's a video:

Calvin Lee, MD, July 17, 2009, Schindler's List Solo, Taipei, Taiwan, with the Taipei Civic Symphony
You can double click on it to see a bigger version.



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More Pictures:

Schindler's List - right before the last note.