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Modesto Kybella coming soon – is here as of July 7th, 2015

Update: Kybella is available at Surgical Artistry as of July 7th, 2015.

Visit my Kybella FAQ page.


I’ve been getting a few buzzing questions about Kybella for the neck.  It’s a form of mesotherapy for the adipose tissue in the neck area.  I’ve told patients that I’m waiting for a few things which include getting excellent education and training on the product and waiting to see about complications.  There is much to learn from others when a new product comes out.  I frequently think of these new items as a watchful waiting type of process.

I’ll have updates on Kybella coming soon for our Modesto practice.  Stay tuned!

Here’s a website from the FDA regarding Kybella.

Calvin Lee, MD
Modesto Surgeon with needles and injections.