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Skin Care Peptides and Vitamin C

Peptides in Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Peptides in Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Peptides in Skin Care

Peptides, another hot topic in skin care, signal cells to stimulate collagen and elastin. Peptides are short strings of amino acids which can act as signaling molecules to help slow down visible signs of aging. Obagi Hydrate Luxe is the first and currently the only product at Surgical Artistry which contains peptide technology. Obagi Hydrate Luxe containes two key peptides which reduce the appearance of fine lines and increases skin firmness: Chronoline and Kollaren. This was my attempt to teach and discuss within our Modesto office.

Vitamin C in Skin Care

Vitamin C is used by fibroblasts to make collagen and elastin. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which has a photoprotective effect by reducing damage to cells and DNA which are caused by oxidation from UV light exposure. Oxidation is also caused by pollutants over time. The vitamin C also protects the sunscreen from oxidative changes caused by UV light. This allows the sunscreen to work with less degradation from ultraviolet light. 

Skin care is an integral part of plastic surgery.

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Thank you!  Enjoy!  Disclaimer: double check the facts, I’m just writing all this off the top of my head.  Facts can change over time too.

How long does it take to become a Surgeon?

There are many different ways to measure this length of time for surgery training and surgery education.  I was just wondering these same things as I reflect on my surgical experience.  I was also wondering how long it might take me to become a pianist.  Perhaps my musings might help others.  First I should say that I am very grateful to all my teachers.

I currently practice in a Modesto Plastic Surgery setting with my wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.

I had posted this comment on my Modesto FaceBook page, but I thought I’d share these educational duration thoughts here:

It took me 10 years of diligent study to become a semi-proficient VIOLINIST. It took me 17 years to become a competent full fledged SURGEON. I wonder how long it would be if I attempted to tackle piano.

1) Violin years determined by age started (7) and age with performance-readiness of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto.  My Tchaikovsky violin concerto – see below.
2) Surgery years determined by starting with the first year of acceptance into Brown University’s Medical Education program and the year where I became a full fledged board certified surgeon. This duration of time is 17 years after high school.
3) I learned piano briefly when I was little, but then switched to violin, dropping all piano lessons. I had to focus. Just like these days I have to choose between Acupuncture vs. Surgery – there isn’t enough time/energy to focus on all things.

Here’s a violin recording/video of my Tchaikovsky violin concerto:

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Calvin Lee

New American Record for 100 miles set by Modesto’s Jon Olsen

Confucius says, “a journey of 100 miles begins with one step.”  Modesto Man shows how it’s done under 12 hours.

September 28, 2013

Teachers teach by imparting knowledge and they inspire by setting amazing examples.  There’s much to learn from Modesto’s Math teacher, Jon Olsen.

Did you know that some celebrated yesterday as Teacher’s day? Why? Because it was also a celebration of great teacher Confucius’ Birthday and now there’s another reason. It’s the day that a math teacher (Modesto’s Jon Olsen) set a new American 100 miler record averaging a 7:12 min/mile pace for 100 miles. I knew about this teacher’s day celebration because it was celebrated at Dr. Tammy Wu’s school yesterday (I went too).

Confucius says that a long journey (ie. 1000 miles or 100 miles, whatever) begins with one step.  Well, Mr. Olsen has run more than all of that.

Jon Olsen Modesto Runner in Canada

Jon Olsen’s photo on his FaceBook outside of the indoor track where he set the new American Record one day after the picture was taken.

Details of the 100 mile experience in Canada

11:59:28 was his time for 100 miles and he beat the previous American Record (12:12:19) by around 12 minutes.  He set a new American indoor track record.  The race was held in Ottawa, Canada, called the Self Transcendence Ultra Classic 6-12-24 Hour Races.  The previous record was set by Bernd Heinrich at 12:27:01 in 1984.

What’s next for Mr. Olsen?  Soochow Invitational 24 hour race in Taiwan

He says in 10 weeks he’ll be in TAIWAN running a 24 hour race. He’ll now have the challenge of running in TROPICAL weather. Congrats again.  Good luck at Taiwan’s Soochow Invitational Race.

My previous blog post about Jon Olsen winning the Gold Medal at the 24 h international race in Netherlands – he ran more than 167 miles in 24 hours.