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Why Modesto, California?

Some of the reasons for us ending up in Modesto, California

1. Tammy said that she would go anywhere I wanted to go.
2. I felt that I was really far behind financially at the time, and saw the Surgery/Trauma job offer in Modesto was one of the best opportunities I’ve seen.
3. I also felt that I would have the highest volume of all the surgery jobs if I came to Modesto because of Modesto’s relative shortage of surgeons. I knew that a high volume of surgeries would help me become even better at what I do with my skills. There were certainly also an abundance of trauma in this town – so it seemed to me.
4. I wanted to be somewhere in California. I liked the idea that in Modesto, we have so many places that we could visit (SF, Monterey, etc)
5. I have a distaste for traffic, and Modesto didn’t have too much vehicle traffic compared to some of the other cities.
6. I had the opportunity to live in the mid-west and I have grown to like a mid-west small town feel.
7. I saw that there was an opportunity to shape the town and watch it evolve and change for a possible improved future. There’s something that’s very satisfying about watching a town change for what I consider improvements.
8. Modesto had internet. Give me an internet connection and a fast computer with a keyboard and I could pretty much be happy anywhere.

Vegan Options at Thai House in Modesto, CA

Vegan choices at Thai House in Modesto, CA

When ordering we should specify that we want the VEGAN version of the dishes (see below). ┬áSometimes we order dishes for lunch at Surgical Artistry – sometimes for presentations from Modesto plastic surgery vendors: Botox, breast implants, Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, Dysport, Xeomin, Artefill, Liposuction devices, Lasers, etc.




Address for Thai House in Modesto, CA

3430 Tully Road, Suite 2, Modesto, CA

Telephone number for Thai House in Modesto, CA

  • (209) 544-0974 (telephone)
  • Fax: (209) 544-0975



  • Satay Fried Tofu – Vegan
  • Fresh Spring Roll – Vegan


  • Som Tom (Papaya, spicy)
  • Salad Khack, request no eggs (vegan).
  • Pla Goong, Vegan (lemongrass, chili, onions, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, cilantro, spicy lime dressing)
  • Yum Talay, Vegan (similar to Pla Goong when made Vegan?)
  • Yum Woon Sen, Vegan (mungbean noodles, lemon juice)


  • Tom Yum Goong, vegan (hot and sour soup)
  • Kang Jerd Woon Sen, vegan (glass noodle soup)
  • Tofu Soup
  • Combination Ball Soup, vegan

Noodle Soups

  • None

Fried Noodles

  • Pad Thai Vegan
  • Pad Ke Mow Noodle, vegan (no big noodles for Dr. Wu – because of gluten sensitivity).
  • Rad Na, vegan
  • Pad Se-Ew, vegan with pad thai noodles (non gluten)
  • Grapao Noodle, vegan

Fried Rice

  • Kao Pad, vegan – Thai style fried rice, available with pineapple
  • Kao Pad Grapao
  • Thai House Kao Pad vegan

Stir Frys

  • Pad Grapao vegan
  • Pad Prid Khing vegan
  • Pad Ma Kuer vegan
  • Pad Ke Mow vegan
  • Pad King vegan
  • Pad Priew Warn vegan
  • Pad Hima Parn Vegan
  • Pad Kao Poad vegan
  • Pad Kratiam vegan
  • Praram Long srong vegan


  • Entire section on the menu
  • Pad Tao Hoo Grapao
  • Ruam Mitt
  • Pad Tao Hoo
  • Tao Hoo Priew Warn
  • Pad Ma Kuer
  • Tao Hoo Prig Khing
  • Praram Pk
  • Tao Hoo Pad Khing
  • Puk Pad Grapao
  • Puk Pad Ped


  • Keang Panag Vegan


  • Goong Opp Woon Sen vegan
  • Goong Pad Broccoli vegan


  • Sweet sticky rice with Mango
  • Sweet sticky rice