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A Recent Botox and Dermal Filler Review for Calvin Lee, MD in Modesto, CA

Botox and Dermal Filler review for Calvin Lee, MD Modesto, CA

Botox and Dermal Filler review for Calvin Lee, MD Modesto, CA. November 2013.

The review can be found here:

I have saved other (older) plastic surgery and botox reviews here.

Thank you very much for the Botox and Juvederm and Boletero review. It’s very much appreciated. And I will continue to do my best to improve and live up to those high standards written in these very kind reviews. (209) 551-1888
(209) 551-1888



Yelp Filtered Review Secret – Maybe?


Help for Yelp Filtered Reviews

I just got started looking at Yelp about 2 weeks ago.  It got my attention because all of a sudden it started appearing on Google searches for the term “Botox Modesto” or “Modesto Botox“.  Then I searched other cities such as San Francisco – “San Francisco Botox” and the Yelp search comes up pretty much first.  What is this about?  Yelp is taking over the world I suppose.  So, I decided to consider taking it seriously.  I saw that I already had about 2-3 reviews, and some filtered reviews.  So, I decided to try to read about some of the filtered reviews and get people to write reviews to see what got filtered.  I even tried to write my own Yelp review – at least I wrote it with my name (Calvin L.) – didn’t do one of those undercover things and change my name.  Apparently you get filtered if you write your own review – fine – I understand the reasoning.

What I’ve read online about avoiding Yelp filtered reviews

So I looked at the characteristics of what got “filtered” by Yelp.  I think what others were saying were true:

Red flags that might get you filtered on Yelp:

  • Very few reviews.  Or only one review.
  • No picture on profile
  • No Yelp friends
  • Very few things filled out on the profile
  • Very few people voting your reviews as Useful, Funny or Cool.

Okay so those things make some sense – yelp want to filter out fake people – or people who don’t exist.

I found a new secret! – 5 star ratings habit

I found another pattern.

It seems like Yelp likes people who are stingy with 5 star reviews.  If you blasted someone with a 1 star, 2 star or perhaps gave 3 or 4 stars instead of the full 5, yelp values your reviews somewhat more than someone who frequently gives out all 5 stars.  Thus stingy reviewers get filtered less.

So do what you will with this pattern that I think I found.  Maybe we should be stingy with 5 star reviews on yelp.  Thus when we do give out 5 star reviews – they stick and don’t get filtered by the all mighty Yelp.

Conclusion about Yelp

One more thing to help avoid getting your reviews filtered – write some mediocre reviews too.  I think if you’re all 5 starsy, Yelp thinks you’re fake and thus might get filtered.   But please don’t bash people unnecessarily.  I personally prefer to give people all 5 stars and those that don’t deserve 5 stars, I’m kinda quiet.  So for now, Yelp has filtered every single one of my 7 reviews.  That’s too bad.  I really don’t like discussing my gripes in public, but I don’t own Yelp and Yelp doesn’t live in my house.  I thought Facebook was confusing.  Yelp’s confusing too.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to edit my filtered review posts to see what else I find out about the world of filtered reviews in Yelp.

For now – the secret?  Be stingy with your Yelp stars.

Mobile Devices taking over Computer usage for FaceBook viewers

Is this the death of the computer?

Desktops and Laptop included in the funeral march?

I posted on FaceBook – asking my Modesto, CA friends and friends elsewhere:

Help me with this Poll: What device are you using right now on FaceBook (ie. Laptop, iPhone, iPad, whatever).

Mobile devices vs. Computer – the winner regarding FaceBook is:

A few hours later:

I got 47 responses.

77% Mobile Devices vs. 23% Computer when viewing FaceBook.

Of the Mobile devices, 70% of them were iPhones and 30% were non-iPhones.

I didn’t tally up the tablets:  iPad vs. non-iPad.

Just for the record:

I personally put myself down as Laptop user.

How is this computer vs mobile usage important to Cosmetic Surgeons?

For example if we’re going to advertise Botox, we should probably make sure those ads make it to the mobile devices.

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology 2013 Day 0

Day 0 of the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference 2013

Date: June 25, 2013

Located at the Bellagio Resort Hotel, Las Vegas.  This is the 9th annual conference.  The 10th annual conference has already been set for June 18th-22nd, 2014.

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery at the Bellagio Hotel

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery at the Bellagio Hotel Picture by Dr. Calvin Lee.

My adventures on the day before the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference begins

Dr. Tammy Wu and I saw a very full day of office patients and ended at 5:15pm in our office, we were think that we would catch the 8:10pm flight out of a neighboring city: Stockton, and take the Allegiant Air flight to Las Vegas.  But it was delayed.  But because it was delayed.  I got some administrative paperwork done at the office.  I read some of the mail and paid some bills.  Dr. Tammy Wu got to inventory some of the Obagi that came to the office.  It was a massive order – I think it was about $16,000 worth of Obagi products that came in and we had to unpack these large Obagi Skin Care products and put them on our shelves.  Some of these were ordered specifically for patients.

Allegiant Air

  • Delayed 4 hours
  • Got my $2 water at the airport.
  • It was a packed waiting room at the Stockton, CA Airport.
  • The Allegiant Air plane didn’t take off till around 12:30pm.
  • Seating was quite uncomfortable for me – my neck just didn’t seem to fit the seats.
  • We arrived around 2:00am in Las Vegas
  • But good things:  Dr. Tammy Wu and I got to sit next to each other and Dr. Tammy Wu slept through most of that flight.  I was just too uncomfortable to sleep through the entire flight.  But it was a relatively short flight.

Strange Taxi Guy

  • Took us to an entrance of the Bellagio which was pretty far from the reception desk.  There was an entrance that was right by the reception desk, but I guess it would have taken the taxi driver longer to get out of that round about, etc.  We had to walk pretty far with our luggage.  At 2am, it just seems a little bit more confusing, and the Bellagio in Las Vegas is a pretty big hotel.
  • The trip from the Las Vegas Airport to the Bellagio hotel took about 10 minutes.
  • And the trip with tip was about $26.00 for us.  In retrospect, I wasn’t so sure the Taxi driver deserved any tip for dumping us off at a far entrance.

First thing we did in Las Vegas was check out the Bellagio Gym

We really came here for the conference.  Just a few months ago we were in Vegas already, so we weren’t all that motivated to check out all the sights of Vegas again.  But working out and and taking care of ourselves and preparing for our next half marathon (perhaps Santa Rosa Half Marathon?).  Dr. Tammy Wu hasn’t run in a long time, so she gave it a try today again at the treadmill.  I ran about 1 mile on the treadmill, and she ran about 2 miles.  One great thing about the gym was a cable weight machine where I was able to adjust the rotation and angle of the arm, and thus I was really able to stretch out my right shoulder which has been bothering me from some chronic over use with injecting, operating, inserting acupuncture needles, and worst of all, using a computer mouse to write blogs (ie. this one) / do social media, etc.

We ate at Noodles Restaurant in the Bellagio

We had to tell them about our Vegan and Gluten Free preferences.  They were very happy to accommodate.  I’m not Gluten sensitive, but Dr. Tammy Wu is.  So the dishes we got were:  Agadashi, Endamamme, steamed vegetables, soy flavored rice noodles stir fried with vegetables, and rice.  This was quite a good meal and we escaped with a $71 price tag.

Considered getting tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show.

O is showing at the Bellagio.  However we couldn’t decide quite yet.  The tickets ranged from $120 to $220 – I think.  Instead we looked at the sculpture gallery associated with the Cirque Du Soleil.  The sculptures were so artistic – they looked so anatomical – sort of like cosmetic surgery to us.  The artist was Richard Macdonald, and the sculptures were for sale.  They price tags for little sculptures were about $10,000 and the larger ones were around $150,000.  There were two sales associates which gave us info on the sculptures, but the price tag were a bit too expensive for me anyway.  One of them asked me about any other art pieces which I own.  I said that the closest thing I have to these things are my teddy bear “collection.”  They didn’t seem to understand.  Regarding the possibility of seeing a show, we wanted to see the schedule of the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology conference, but the registration desk for that event hasn’t been open yet.

Walked around the Vegas Strip and then went to Walgreens

It was a pretty hot day already today.  But I read in the weather forecast that it will be even hotter in the next few days, perhaps as high as 117 degrees F?  We shall see.  Good thing the air conditioners work well in the hotels.  At Walgreens, I got a quart of orange juice and a gallon of water to lug back to the Bellagio.  I considered taking the tram that connects the Aria hotel with the Bellagio, but we just walked around till the heat got too much.

Back to the Gym to stretch my shoulder.

By this time it was around 7:30pm.  The gym at the Bellagio is open from 6am to 8pm.  So it’s about to close.  I went back to the gym to use the Cybex Cable weight machine.  It wasn’t to lift weights, but I discovered that this was one of the best ways to stretch my shoulder joint.  So I was able to spend another 15 minutes with this type of stretching to help rehab my shoulder which is already getting much better with my own stretching.

Went to Jasmine Restaurant in Bellagio

The most fun thing about going on vacation for me is eating out.  So we tried the Jasmine Restaurant which was within the hotel grounds.  We’ve been sticking to restaurants which have an Asian flare because it seems easier for us to find gluten free vegan choices.  And they were happy to provide solutions for us.  We had two dishes the eggplant dish and the monkey mushroom dish – both were made gluten free and vegan.  We had two extra bowls of rice.  The price tag with tip came out to about $75.  Which we charged to our Bellagio room.

Early Registration at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology conference

We finally got to pick up our materials and name tag.  We met Karen Miller who said she’d help us with our Vegan/Gluten free preferences – how nice!  The conference is 5 days long, and super packed with great cosmetic surgery information.  I am most interested in the cosmetic injectable portion of the course and there’s plenty of that information including demonstrations on the Botox and filler injections.

We spent the next hour picking out how we would spend our time at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference

It is somewhat complex with about 3 different activities going on at the same time.  There are also evening program going until 9:30pm.  I made sure to pack in as much Botox and Cosmetic Injectable info as I could get.  There is a whole bunch of stuff regarding social media, but I’m not sure I can get all that in.

Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s about 12:10am now.

We’ll see how it goes!  Can’t wait to bring all this great information and education back to our plastic surgery practice in Modesto, California.


Cities near Modesto, California

Map of Modesto, CA and surrounding areas in the Central Valley

Map of Modesto, CA and surrounding areas in the Central Valley

Where is Modesto, CA?

Visit this page I made a few years ago to get a better idea of Where is Modesto, CA?

Listing of nearby Cities to Modesto, California

Modesto is located in the middle of California

Cities North of Modesto, California

  • Del Rio (not really a city but a separate part of Modesto)
  • Ripon
  • Escalon
  • Oakdale
  • Manteca
  • Tracy
  • French Camp
  • Stockton
  • Lodi
  • Brentwood
  • Livermore
  • Galt
  • Angels Camp
  • Sonora

Cities South of Modesto, California

  • Turlock
  • Patterson
  • Delhi
  • Irwin
  • Livingston
  • Atwater
  • Merced
  • Newman
  • Chowchilla

Why this listing of nearby cities to Modesto is important

  • To help a person locate Modesto.  Especially if someone is new to Modesto, CA or moving close to Modesto, CA.
  • This may be important for someone else (in addition to me) with regards to SEO targeting work (Search Engine Optimization)
  • To help a person who is targeting the Modesto area for advertisements.  For example FaceBook has demographic choices where you can select the cities nearby.  A list of the cities, helps select the target audience for any advertisements.  We’ve done a few advertisements in the past with FaceBook – related to our Plastic Surgery practice in Modesto.  We’ve even done a zip code analysis of our patients – most common zip codes visiting our plastic surgery office.

Modesto area ZIP code analysis

  • Visit my previous Modesto area zip code page – most common zip codes coming to Surgical Artistry.
  • This lists the top 10 zip codes coming to Surgical Artistry Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Acupuncture, Veins, and Botox injections.
  • What I didn’t explain (yet, as of the writing of this page) about the to 10 zip codes on that page is that they are listed in the order of saturation of that zip code.  I had access to the population of each zip code.  Saturation means percentage of that zip code which has seen us.  I believe that the top zip code had 2% of the population see us.  The bottom of the top 10 (position 10) had about 1% of that zip code population come and experience our services. (209) 551-1888
(209) 551-1888