My Personal Continuing Medical Education

Why am I doing this?


Calvin Lee, MD
Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Botox & Juvederm Injector, Cosmetic Vein Specialist

I’ve received great education so far but now it’s up to me to continue to live up to the teachers who have believed in me.

  • Pearl River High School, New York, Valedictorian
  • Brown University, Neuroscience Degree, University Scholar
  • Brown University Medical School: Medical Doctor
  • Became a Licensed Physician
  • Then became a General Surgeon (Case Western/Southern Illinois)
  • Then became a Board Certified General Surgeon
  • Then became an Acupuncturist
  • Then became Cosmetic Physician

The question is what’s next? How do I review my knowledge and experience?  How to I further my knowledge and ability?

I am everything above and more.

If you can Track it, you can Improve it

  • Well, let’s take my continuing education to the next level by tracking it for myself.
  • I’m a big believer of tracking things.  Just ask my staff at Surgical Artistry.

I keep up and review information for my patients

Because I care tremendously for my patients who have put their trust in me, I strive to develop my knowledge & skills to the highest level I can. Formal Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are measured in hours. But there are also many other forms of medical education which do not have “official” CME credits, and I will list some of them here as well. I need to design and be in charge of my own continued education since my professional interests don’t exactly follow the path of other established groups of physicians. This page is sort of an experiment. I’m pretty sure that I can’t list everything I do here. But I’m using this page as a note pad in which I can refer back to.  By the way, there is no medical advice intended on the page.

 My Chosen Path in Medicine/Surgery is not traditional

  • Trained as an MD in Surgery
  • Developed an interest in trauma
  • Became an Acupuncturist in addition
  • Became a Cosmetic Physician doing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Thus I need to be in charge of my unique situation.  So many learning opportunities around me.

To use this blog as an online notebook

I’ve always learned better when I took notes.  Well, perhaps my notes will be of use to other surgeons and physicians.  Furthermore, even if I learned something, continual review of my notes are useful.  By putting these notes on here, they are on the “cloud” of the internet!

To use this as a way to track my efforts

Like a running log.  It’s something I think I’d be proud of when I’d look back to see what I’ve done.

To Share with Other Doctors

You never know who else might benefit from this and get inspired to kick up the self-directed learning up a notch.  There is still education that continues for a lifetime:

  • after becoming a doctor
  • then after becoming Licensed doctor
  • then becoming a well trained Surgeon
  • and after becoming a Board Certified Surgeon.
  • This is where I am now! – now in charge of my own self directed learning!  This is a great place to be!

I have been a licensed doctor in Ohio, Illinois, and California.  I currently just hold the license in California.

Enter Dr. Calvin Lee’s CME BLOG  ←(click here!)

Previous CME web page before using wordpress – basically this was for the month of March, 2013 – before I explored using blogs to write this


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