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Modesto Pollen and Weather Recording

Modesto Pollen Count & Weather Diary

Purpose: To keep track of what weather patterns we’ve lived through in Modesto, CA – to help planning for the next year for issues such as outdoor events – perhaps even related to Plastic Surgical events or for  dates for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon and of course this may be useful for others too.


Zip code used:  95355

Relevance to Plastic Surgery and Surgical Artistry

it’s hard to see how Pollen Counts in Modesto could be related to plastic surgery.  But a part of our plastic surgery practice with Dr. Tammy Wu is Acupuncture – which has some direct relevance to anti-allergy treatments with acupuncture treatments and acupuncture protocols with Dr. Calvin Lee.

However there is a direct relationship with plastic surgery.  There has been some anecdotal reports that Botox injections into the forehead and glabellar area of the face has helped some of our patients with their allergy suffering.  I have seen more than 3 botox patients who are fairly confident that this is the case and these are patients who normally have year round suffering for their allergies.  This correlation with Botox is purely anectdotal.  But perhaps the future will tell us if there is a true scientific correlation, as there is with Botox and headaches; and Botox’s relationship with muscle tension.

Pollen Count History for Modesto, CA

Rating is from 0-12.  12 being the highest.

  • High 9.7-12
  • Med-High 7.3-9.6
  • Medium 4.9-7.2
  • Low-Medium 2.5-4.8
  • Low 0-2.4

2013:  Here’s the Pollen Counts Log and Weather too

5/14/13 Pollen 7.7, Predominant: Mulberry, Walnut, Grasses.  Temperature 90 F – 61 F.  May 8, 2013, I had a particularly bad day with my personal allergies to pollen, but these numbers didn’t register so high for the pollen count.  I think wind has something to do with it.

5/15/13 Pollen 7.5, Predominant: Mulberry, Walnut, Grasses.  Temperature 83 F – 55 F.

5/19/13 Pollen 8.1, Predominant: Grasses, Juniper, Walnut.  Temperature 87-55

5/24/13 Pollen 6.7, Predominant: Grasses, Amaranth, Oak.  Temperature 80-51

5/27/13 Pollen 6.5, Predominant: Grasses, Amaranth, Oak.  Temperature 81-54

<My own allergies started getting better at this point in the year>

6/9/13 Pollen 7.2, Predominant: Grasses, Sagebrush, Olive. Temperature 95-69

6/23/13 Pollen 5.7, Predominant Pollen: Grasses, Sagebrush, Chenopods.  Temperature 88-60

Around July 4th 2013, the temperature in Modesto, CA hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now that the sun is dominant – please consider wearing your sunscreen with zinc all year round – even if it’s snowing or raining outside.

7/7/13 Pollen 4.0, Predominant Pollen: Grasses, Dock Chenopods.  Temperature 94-61

a purple flower IMG_4809

Most of our pollen allergies aren’t to these nice visible looking flowers. (In April/May).

2014 Modesto Pollen Counts Log and Weather History for Modesto:

My own personal allergies started acting up around the middle of March this year.  Specifically acted up on 3/16/14, although several weeks earlier there were indications of allergy irritations for myself.  This acted as a trigger for me to continue posting to this pollen blog for Modesto, CA.  I’m copying data down from (source).

3/16/14 Pollen 8.8 mulberry, ash, oak.   81/47 F

3/25/14 Pollen 7.5 alder, ash, poplar.  69/51 F

3/30/14 Pollen 8.5 oak, alder, juniper 69/49 F

4/4/14 Pollen 7.9 oak, mulberry, ash.  68/47 F

4/21/14 Pollen 7.6 oak, grasses, mulberry.  80/54 F

5/21/14 Pollen 6.4 grasses, juniper, walnut.  81/54 F

5/27/14 Pollen 7.4 grasses, amaranth, oak.  94/60 F

7/4/14 Pollen 4.4 grasses, dock, chenopods.  98/65 F

8/24/14 Pollen 7.7 chenopods, elm, grasses. 91/61 F

11/16/14 Pollen 2.3 sagebrush, elm.  61/43 F

2015 Modesto Pollen Counts Log and Weather History for Modesto:

1/25/15 Pollen 5.7 alder, juniper.  68/42 F

2/1/15 Pollen 7.3 alder, juniper. 70/38 F

6/9/15 Pollen 7.4 grasses, juniper, hickory 90/70 F

6/13/15 Pollen 7.4 grasses, sagebrush, olive 90/60 F

2016 Modesto Pollen Counts Log

4/16/16 Pollen 9.6 Mulberry, Oak, Walnut.

2018 Modesto Pollen Count Log

4/21/18 Pollen 8.2 Oak, Grasses, Mulberry.

This is a work in progress.  Every consider acupuncture for your allergies?  We frequently perform anti-allergy acupuncture at our Surgical Artistry office in Modesto, CA.

If you need a Converter for Fahrenheit to Celsius, consider this Google link.  Or consider this conversion link.