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Get The Graphic You Want With Links On FaceBook

FaceBook is a great place to share links from your Blog

However sometimes when you share a link your pictures from your Blog don’t show up predictably.  I figured out how to “flush the stored memory” at FaceBook.  FaceBook stores these webpages – Caches them for speed, but in the process, if you make changes to the webpage, it doesn’t know that you have new pictures.  Then I also figured out how to force it into having the right image for the page.  I’ve even think that you can have an image appear that isn’t on that page by using the following techniques – that’s if you wanted to.

I’ve been frustrated with this problem for a while but now I know how to make my plastic surgery webpages show the correct picture.  This is not just for blogs, it works with other webpages too.

How to get the picture you want with links and shares on FaceBook

Step 1: Clear the FaceBook Cache

Step 2:  Add this code

Step 3: Replace the image location (inbetween quotes) above in the cut and paste section

2013 samm mile marker - 22 full - surgical artistry2 - Cropped2

For example, this above plastic surgery logo image has a URL of:

Of possible interest to plastic surgeons regarding the web

Most Popular Browser


Safari is now the most popular browser by far

The statistics show that Safari is the most popular web browser coming to our Modesto Plastic Surgery websites.  I did the analysis for the last 18 days in April of 2013.  I hadn’t looked at this chart in years.  I still remember MSIE (Internet Explorer – Microsoft) being the dominant player for the longest time.  I think this is probably due to the popularity of iphones and ipads.  The other category is large too, but unfortunately it doesn’t show the breakdown.  The statistics program that figured these things out are old.  Perhaps Google Analytics has some data regarding this which is more up to date – I would imagine that if it were present in Google Analytics, there would be a listing for Google’s Chrome Browser.  On the chart above, I’m not entirely sure what is Netscape compatible.  But this data is generated from DreamHost where I keep some of my webpages.  That includes this blog.