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Free SEO tools online

My SEO history

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a hobby of mine.  I was pretty good at it.  Good enough that I got swatted by Google’s protocol change – code name Panda


  • http://smallseotools.com/keyword-position/ – my favorite tool!  You do have to find the “Check Position” button mixed in the middle of the ads.  It tells you your position on the search results!  See below, it’s part of a website with a suite of tools.
  • http://www.metatags.org/ – might be a bit out dated but still a useful tool – click on Free Website Analyzer: http://analyzer.metatags.org/.  Tells you about Tags ie. Title (not really a tag), Description, Keywords, Robots, Author.  But it tells you how many urls you have linked to it and most cool: it tell you page load time (this is a user experience variable that is now used in SEO)
  • http://www.smallseotools.com  – my favorite here is keyword position (you can see what position you have in a search result based on key search phrases).  It also has a page rank checker.  This is a slightly tricky site in that you might click on the ads by accident.  There’s enough here to keep on happy for awhile in SEO, including: Ping Tool (to notify search engines of changes to a website).  I tried the Reverse IP Domain checker, and it didn’t seem to work today.  The backlink checker is a bit awkward to use because you only see 10 backlinks at a time.  For example a page such as one of mine has 1820 backlinks.  There is a page rank checker here and it claims to have the ability to find fake page ranks, but I didn’t find this to be useful to me at this point, and can’t figure out whether it’s faking me out about the fakeness.
  • http://www.prchecker.info – I’ve used this for awhile to check Google Page Ranks
  • http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ – I’ve also used this free seo tool for awhile to check back links to a particular page.
  • http://www.google.com typing in “site:http://www.whatever.com” – gives you a list of indexed websites of a page.  This is a very important tool for me – especially to see if a page that I made had been indexed or not.
  • http://www.ismyblogworking.com – it gives you some information regarding load time and most importantly it reports any CMS editor that you are using.  This way you can see if it is wordpress, drupal, joomla, symphony, squarespace, etc.
  • Google Rich Snippet testing tool – get that picture next to your Google search.

There are more tools that use, but these are the best ones on my list so far.

My stuff

My page (www.SurgeryToday.com) load time: not too bad:  6.4 seconds

My SEO.  But my attempts have been spotty.  I’ve learned a whole bunch of things in the process, and will hopefully be implementing more of what I learned.  Much of this takes a good chuck of time which I’m not entirely willing to do.  But I do enjoy doing it myself, so I’m also not willing to farm out the SEO process.

Search Phrase May 14, 2013 June 2012 Previous 2011
modesto plastic surgery #2 Local #2 Local #1
modesto plastic surgeon #2 Local #1 Organic #1
modesto botox #1 #3 #1
modesto breast augmentation #3 #4 #1
modesto tummy tuck #5 #3 #1
modesto veins #3 #2 #2
modesto spider veins #3 #5 #2
modesto acupuncture #1 #2 #1
modesto skin care #1 #2 #1
ask dr wu #11 can’t find #1
big veins can’t find can’t find #1

My main personal activities in my medical practice is Botox and Acupuncture, so I mainly focused on these.  I’ve briefly touched Dr. Wu’s practice but perhaps it will be more of a project for the next few months.

How’s this educational for a doctor?

I think all doctors should understand the basics of the internet. When I was in high school, I felt that doctors should know how to type well. When I was in college, I felt that all doctors should be able to make web pages. When I was in medical school, I had no thoughts. When I was in Surgery Residency, I thought bad thoughts. Then when I realized there was life after Surgery Residency, I thought that doctors should understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This allows us to share information responsibly and effectively. For me at Surgical Artistry, my world is General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Acupuncture, Skin Care, Botox, Juvederm, Fillers, Latisse, Veins, and Lasers.

Get The Graphic You Want With Links On FaceBook

FaceBook is a great place to share links from your Blog

However sometimes when you share a link your pictures from your Blog don’t show up predictably.  I figured out how to “flush the stored memory” at FaceBook.  FaceBook stores these webpages – Caches them for speed, but in the process, if you make changes to the webpage, it doesn’t know that you have new pictures.  Then I also figured out how to force it into having the right image for the page.  I’ve even think that you can have an image appear that isn’t on that page by using the following techniques – that’s if you wanted to.

I’ve been frustrated with this problem for a while but now I know how to make my plastic surgery webpages show the correct picture.  This is not just for blogs, it works with other webpages too.

How to get the picture you want with links and shares on FaceBook

Step 1: Clear the FaceBook Cache

Step 2:  Add this code

Step 3: Replace the image location (inbetween quotes) above in the cut and paste section

2013 samm mile marker - 22 full - surgical artistry2 - Cropped2

For example, this above plastic surgery logo image has a URL of:

Of possible interest to plastic surgeons regarding the web