Why Modesto, California?

Some of the reasons for us ending up in Modesto, California

1. Tammy said that she would go anywhere I wanted to go.
2. I felt that I was really far behind financially at the time, and saw the Surgery/Trauma job offer in Modesto was one of the best opportunities I’ve seen.
3. I also felt that I would have the highest volume of all the surgery jobs if I came to Modesto because of Modesto’s relative shortage of surgeons. I knew that a high volume of surgeries would help me become even better at what I do with my skills. There were certainly also an abundance of trauma in this town – so it seemed to me.
4. I wanted to be somewhere in California. I liked the idea that in Modesto, we have so many places that we could visit (SF, Monterey, etc)
5. I have a distaste for traffic, and Modesto didn’t have too much vehicle traffic compared to some of the other cities.
6. I had the opportunity to live in the mid-west and I have grown to like a mid-west small town feel.
7. I saw that there was an opportunity to shape the town and watch it evolve and change for a possible improved future. There’s something that’s very satisfying about watching a town change for what I consider improvements.
8. Modesto had internet. Give me an internet connection and a fast computer with a keyboard and I could pretty much be happy anywhere.