Cellular Signal Booster

I recently wrote a blog about Botox and WiFi.  What I meant from that is that Botox acts in a way which is akin to cutting off the WiFi signal.  There is no other connection between Botox and WiFi.

I really got a Cellular Signal Booster for a apparent dead zone in Modesto

But all this got me thinking about my Cellular Signal around my house.  I decided to take a plunge and get a cellular signal booster.  I got the Wilson Electronics DT4G cellular signal Booster 460101.  I’m hoping that it would add one or two bars to my reception around our house.  There appears to be certain cellular dead zones in Modesto and Del Rio, depending on the carrier.  Regardless, I figured, I could try a boost and see what this is all about.

And by cellular, I didn’t mean cells from a biological stand point; instead I mean it from a electronic cell-phone perspective.

cellular signal booster

WiFi and Cellular Signal – interchangeble when using it as part of my Botox Analogy.

I could have substituted the word WiFi for Cellular Signal in my essay trying to explain how Botox works.  Regardless, either type of “signal” works as a pretty decent, but not perfect, example of how Botox works.

Details of the Wilson Electronics Cellular Signal Booster DT4G

  • It uses 8 Watts according to the box.
  • It doesn’t work with Clearwire.
  • But boosts signals for 4G, 3G, and 2G data downloads.
  • Uses the RG6 cable – included in kit.
  • It is designed to provide boosted signal to a single room.

I also got a CyberPower Battery Backup 625 va / 375 watts (SX625G) to accompany this device

  • It has surge protection of 890 Joules.
  • Battery runtimes: 65 minutes for DVRs, 18 minutes on a 21 inch iMac desktop computer, 6 minutes with a 32 inch LCD TV with came console.


So far the set-up seems to work well.  Phone calls are already clearer!  I’ll probably get one for the office so that our office staff and patients can get an even better signal too.  Visit us at our Modesto Plastic Surgery and Botox office.