Explanation of spending $50 per day on FaceBook ads


I was recently asked a question about FaceBook Ads:

I still am unclear about your $50/day you “allocation” to your marketing that you referred to. Does FB charge you by the day?

My answer about CPC and CPM daily budget for FaceBook Advertising:

Sorry… I didn’t explain well enough. Thank you for asking. You set how much you want to budget and Facebook charges you two ways (in general) – each time the ad shows, or each time the ad is clicked. Let’s say you click on my ad and it costs me $2. then $2 gets subtracted from the $50 per day limit until I don’t have any money left. Then it resets the next day. But you can set it to $15 per day or $100 per day. It eats up money fast though. It does take some time to set up, and FaceBook changes it’s policies and screens (select options) all the time. You can set a bid for how much you want to pay per click or right now you can just let FaceBook decide how much it wants to take from you – slightly adverturesome – but if you’re desperate for ads, you can do that too. I remember when I started with FaceBook ads several years ago, it was something like 25 cents per click, now it’s more like several dollars per click. The price has gone up significantly in my opinion

So if you hate someone’s ad (which I know you don’t but just in case), you can click on it several times and deplete their allocation – I think – I’m not sure if FaceBook has a mechanism for detecting this sort of behavior. Or you can do what I do, I split the ads up into two different types of ads, one per click (CPC) and one per impression (CPM). The impression type – it doesn’t charge you if a customer clicks on it. So if I get a “hater” – which of course I don’t have any… right? – then they can click a million times on my “impression” ad, and it just costs the same. The impression ads are called CPM (cost per thousand) not sure why it isn’t called CPT, but then it becomes some medical code I guess. But you just say how much you want to pay per thousand impressions.

In general I like CPC.  I think it gets me a better placement on the list of ads.

But I’m also unclear what happens on a mobile device.  They might not get ads at all?  I’m not sure right now.  I don’t really use mobile devices that much at this time.  Perhaps someone could comment.

One more twist, there are several options for payment and account allocation:  you could set it up per day or you could set it up per entire duration of the ad campaign, ie. 1 week, etc.  I like per day, because I could change the intensity of the advertising as we go along.

Hope that helps.


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