Hot weather in Modesto and Solar Panels

Hot temperatures can decrease the efficiency of Solar panels.

Modesto gets really hot.  I initially thought the opposite.  I thought our hot temperatures were perfect for solar panels.  Not entirely so.

I have three days to compare:

6/7/13 – warm, 60.3 kWh made by our solar panels

6/8/13 – HOT over 100 F, 58.9 kWh

6/9/13 – warm, 58.3 kWh

I think it’s similar for other pieces of electronics.  I’ve noticed that if I leave my ipad out int he sun, it actually turns to a warning screen about the temperature and inactivates itself until the temperature is cooler.  I’ve had this happen when we’ve gone to marathon expo’s where we’ve been promoting the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon and selling running compression socks, sometimes the expo is out in the sun, and if I don’t keep the iPad in a shaded spot, it gets to a point with the temperature where it doesn’t work anymore, and shows a “face” on the screen.  The black cover that I have for the iPad doesn’t help either.