How Much Does Botox Cost in Modesto CA with Dr. Calvin Lee?

by Calvin Lee, MD

written 5/24/13, at this time we charge $11.70 per unit of Botox

Why a strange number like that?  Because it’s 10% off our original price of $13 per unit.


Empty vials of Botox, Picture by Calvin Lee, MD


Average Cost of Botox – all patients – doesn’t matter what area:

But of interest, I had calculated a few months ago the average Botox patient’s check out amount.  The price came out to $339.00.  But the range is huge.  The number came out of sampling of 46 patient charts.

Most Common Cost of Botox, all patients = $304

But most patients aren’t actually paying that figure, the most common charge that is seen is $304 for 26 units of Botox.  The average, as you know, may not be the same number as one that is the most common.

Botox cost broken down per area

This chart is helpful if you know which areas you’d like to have injected with Botox

Location of Botox injection Most Common
cost of Botox
Cost Range
Area between the eyes (Glabellar area) $234 $140-$280
Crows feet (both) $234 $140-$280
Forehead $117 $70-$234
Around the mouth (top and bottom) $82 $46-$93
Dimpling of the chin $117 $93-$140
Vertical neck bands (each) $70 $70-$93
Jowls (both) $140
Down turn of the mouth (both) $93 $46-$93

The top two (Glabellar and Crows Feet) are the most common areas injected in our Modesto, CA practice.

botox bottles

I was about to go to the operating room today and I heard this question asked at our front desk.  I’m thinking that this is a pretty common question and thought I’d just post my own answer here.  I know my staff did a great job of explaining the ranges and reasons for certain charges related to the question of “How much does Botox cost?”  I did hear a little bit of the conversation which involved discussions of how many units I might use in each area.  I think that’s fine too, but perhaps I’m starting to think that patients don’t entirely care about the units, the primarily care more about the costs.  But of course from our standpoint, as providers of Botox, we think of it in units.  But I am thinking that the consumers of Botox will usually think of it in dollar amounts.  But our office wants to make it clear that we customize the Botox injections to fit a patient’s goals, muscle size, weight, and prior experience with Botox.

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