How soon after vein procedure do I see results?

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I got this question today and I thought I’d try to answer this question.

How soon after vein procedure do I see results?

It’s actually not an easy question to answer because the results vary and everyone starts with a different starting point.  But even after I see a patient, I still have somewhat of a hard time predicting the point where “results” are seen.  First let me define results as “I’m happy to show off my legs.”  or I can word the question a little differently:

How long after I START vein procedures will I be happy with the BEST reasonable results?

Reasonable results = 90% improvement from baseline.

It might be 6 months later after starting vein treatments and about 3-4 sessions of sclerotherapy (vein injections) and vein laser mixed in, and about $1500 spent. And after sclerotherapy, I don’t want patients to experience vigorous exercise for about 9 days after the procedure.  Stockings after sclerotherapy is a must for those 9 days as well.  But after vein procedures, the after care is easier: no stockings needed, and minimal restrictions on the exercise.

Most patients do fewer than the 3-4 to get the greatest results in 6 months.  Many take their time and do 3-4 procedures over 2 years.  But after each procedure, there may be about a 2-3 month recovery time depending on several factors.  And after each session, I’m hoping for 30-50% improvement.

Cosmetic Vein Procedures and Medical Vein Procedures are different

I perform an ultrasound with duplex to see if there is reflux in some of the slightly deeper veins.  If these veins have reflux, I consider the surface veins as a possible side effect of these veins on the inside.  Most of the time, I believe that insurance covers the treatment of the refluxing veins.  This is usually done via endovenous ablation with laser or radio frequency in the office/surgicenter setting or it can be done with vein stripping at a hospital setting.  I have done laser ablation in my office; however, I’ve stopped taking insurances and if our ultrasound test shows that you have what I called a “medical vein issue” then I’ll make some recommendations for practitioners who take insurance, and after these veins are taken care of.  We can deal with the cosmetic vein issues.  However, about 30-60% of the time, I’ve seen much of the cosmetic vein problems subside after the medical vein problems have been solved or improved upon.