My thoughts on buying a plastic surgery practice

Below is something I shared with a person who wrote me regarding finding a plastic surgeon to buy a practice.  I thought I’d just share what I wrote in this blog – not sure if it’s helpful for others or may give others some ideas – or perhaps you can contact that person for plastic surgery recruitment purposes.  In my attempt to help and share, here’s the text of my email:



Thanks for making contact.  I’ve been in the plastic surgery “business” with my wife for about 7+ years at this point.  I’m not sure this makes me any sort of expert, but I’m willing to try to answer your question and help.

I know a plastic surgeon who was thinking about selling his cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Walnut Creek. He had sent us a letter with his intent to sell his practice. But it looks like you’re looking for a surgeon who wants to buy a practice. We just mailed just about all the plastic surgeons in California because we’re trying to get them to consider a Medical Malpractice Company:

My thoughts on places:

1. Kaiser – plastic surgeons who might want to see what’s “out there”
2. Sutter Plastic Surgeons – who also might want to explore new avenues.
3. Beverly Hills plastic surgeons – so competitive there – they might want to buy another practice.
4. Plastic Surgeons graduating from residency (ie. Stanford Univ.) – they might have rich relatives?

The reason plastic surgeons would want to buy another practice is to get a foothold on Cosmetic surgeries. There’s a life cycle / phases of a plastic surgeon’s life. It usually starts with reconstructive surgery then moves on to cosmetic surgeries. So by buying another person’s practice, one would get a better footing (faster too) into cosmetic surgery.

With insurances getting stranger and stranger these days – I think more plastic surgeons would want to move over to a cosmetic focused practice. However, that being said, I know a bunch of plastic surgeons who love reconstructive surgery and dislike cosmetics.

Buying a cosmetic/plastic surgery practice, in my mind, is beneficial for buying the building, location, equipment, furniture, instruments, and perhaps reputation and possibly repeat patients if the new surgeon is introduced.

Also from what I’ve seen, most plastic surgeons like to slowly grow their own practices; thus the era of buying medical practices is slowly going away. But I still definitely see the value of a seasoned surgeon mentoring a younger surgeon and introducing that person into the environment.

When I was about to leave my previous general surgery practice in Modesto, CA, I was given an opportunity to join a well established general surgeon in Orange County, California. And with reimbursement arrangements, it would be similar to “buying” a practice.
Good luck to you! Let me know how it goes.

– Calvin Lee


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From: Lois Shanks []
Sent: Fri 11/15/2013 12:02 PM
To: Calvin Lee
Subject: MD Recruitment

Dr. Lee,

I just now read your blog and was facinated by the content. I think it is wonderful that you took the time to impart this information to others.

I am a medical Practice Administrator and Physician Recruiter. I love what I do and I live in Medford, Oregon. I recently left my position as the Administrator of a three site Retina practice and am doing strictly MD recruitment. Could you give me a few pointers on the best places to look for a Plastic Surgeon seeking to buy a well established practice? I am on a mission because I need to fill this position by July 2014.

Any assistance or guidance you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Lois Shanks
MD Recruiter<><>