Seri, new breast implant technology

Seri is a silk derived mesh with potential to improve Breast Augmentation Outcomes

Breast Implants, especially large breast implants tend to move over time.  Skin alone doesn’t usually keep the breast implants in place.  Having a secondary breast lift procedure can be of help in the future.  However there is a potential new technology that can help:  Seri.  It is a bioengineered silk biodegradable mesh.

Seri is more completely known as SeriScaffold.  There is potential for this product to be used for other breast reconstructive surgery and perhaps in skin grafting.  There is also thoughts that Seri could reduce breast capsular contracture which is another potential problem with breast implant surgeries.  There are other products out there called Acellular Dermal Matrices out there, but Seri is not an animal product or derived from cadavers.


This silk based synthetic surgical scaffold got FDA approval in 2009.  It was originally made by Serica Technologies out of Massachusetts, which was later acquired by Allergan, based in Irvine, California.  Allergan also makes Botox and Juvederm.