Sherman Clay and Steinway fans in Modesto

Performing Masterpieces in the Operating Room

We are proud to have acquired a fine Steinway Piano from Sherman Clay Pianos in Walnut Creek, CA, almost 10 years ago when we moved to Modesto, CA. It was a symbol to us that we had “made it.” Tammy had become a full fledged Plastic Surgeon and for me, a General Surgeon. On Friday, 5/31/13 Sherman Clay, is closing its doors after 142 years of being America’s Finest Piano Dealer. The owners are retiring, and they deserve a standing ovation for all they have done for the piano arts. We wish Justin Levitt the manager of the Sherman Clay store in Walnut Creek a wonderful future with Steinway & Sons. He is a pianist, composer, Carnegie Hall performer, and an ambassador for all things piano.

Both Dr. Wu and I play the piano.

Steinway Piano

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu’s Steinway Piano

Our Steinway Piano (Model B, 6’11”, 760 lbs) acquired in 2004 from Sherman Clay Pianos in Walnut Creek.  Tammy wanted to purchase the piano to go along with my violin playing.  But I couldn’t resist the urge to play the piano as well, and I’m glad she decided upon this high caliber instrument.    I had learned some piano as a child but had been “fired” by my piano teacher.  In college, I came up with this idea that in order to become a better violinist, I needed to learn piano.  So, I  sneaked in piano lessons with great piano teacher Arlene Cole at Brown University.  I wasn’t nearly anywhere good enough to be one of her regular students, but she allowed me to take lessons with her on the side for one summer. Then of course, medical school took over and I had forgotten about the piano until Tammy brought it up in 2004 as one of her interests and insisted on the best piano we could obtain and fit into our first house.   We have moved 3 times since 2003 and I’ve nearly had heart attacks each time the piano was moved, but it has fared well.

Currently I’ve been teaching myself some piano and here’s some Cosmetic Surgery finger dexterity practicing on Chopin’s Minute Waltz.


We believe in performing great masterpieces on stage and in the operating room