Striving to be The Stradivarius of Plastic Surgery and Acupuncture Practices

What is Surgical Artistry?

Surgical Artistry was created to sculpt your goals of self improvement. Fashioned on 2/26/2006 by two Ivy League trained surgeons, it’s synonymous with Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD, Inc. It is the mash-up creation of Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee who at first had separate practices in Modesto, CA. They provide personalized services in cosmetic surgery and acupuncture. Dr. Tammy Wu focuses on breast, abdomen, facial and body contouring surgeries, and Dr. Lee pinpoints on minimally invasive Botox, Juvederm, Veins, and Acupuncture needle techniques. The ambition of Surgical Artistry is the fusion of Eastern tradition with Western medicine, and the blending of beauty with surgical precision. The surgeons perform masterpieces in the operating room and consider Botox injections and Acupuncture procedures to be an extension of their surgical skills.