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9 Habits of Highly Successful MD Cosmetic Injectors

My list of 9 habits of “Highly Successful MD Cosmetic Injectors.” I’ve spent the last few months hovering around internationally renown MD Cosmetic Injectors.   I participated at a Palette Injectors meeting / training for Level III injectors in Sacramento, and I also at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting.

botox bottles

This is my partial collection of empty Botox bottles.

Here are some success habits I think these great injectors have in common.

1. Most of the MD injectors are the injectors of their practice without delegating to a nurse or PA
2. They are constantly looking for newer and better ways to do things.
3. They are eager to explore new products.
4. They selectively use cannulas for some of their injections.
5. They are very willing to share / talk / publish.
6. They make injections a priority in their practice.
7. They often go back to basics which includes knowing the anatomy, and exploring new anatomical concepts.
8. They are not be afraid to show off their grey hair – but will make some attempt to hide their wrinkles.
9. Most importantly they do not view fillers or Botox as a COMMODITY. In other words, it’s not a Botox per unit price or cost per syringe of Juvederm (the PRODUCTS), rather it’s the injector’s SKILL which is the true value. And this is how they provide the best VALUE – through the best skill and materials.

There are also a great number of amazing Nurse and Physician Assistant injectors. I haven’t had the opportunity to attend sessions and lectures by them (yet – I’d like to see what makes them successful as well, so it’s on my list). All the lectures and meetings and demonstrations that I’ve attended in the past few months were by Surgeons and Dermatologists.

Also, these aren’t necessarily “habits.”  It was just a catchy title.  These are more like “attributes” or “traits.”

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(209) 551-1888

Experienced Botox and Juvederm Injectors Meeting in Sacramento

Botox Master
Picture of myself and Dr. Yoelin, the Botox
Master of San Diego

Botox injectors meeting

I think in this world the word meeting, course, and program are used interchangeably.

There was a course offering from a prestigious injection course which is offered in various places nationwide.  It’s called the Palette Training program for cosmetic injections – and there are several meetings for different levels of injectors and also specialty sections for things such as tear troughs, cannulas and I believe lip augmentation.  There happened to be a higher level course offered in Sacramento.  Not too far from my location of Modesto, CA.

Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, Belotero, Radiesse

The word is neuromodulators – which includes Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport.  It’s less brand specific.  This was a 4 hour long CME program (I earn credits for continuing medical education).  The program I selected was led by Dr. Steve Yoelin of San Diego.  He has a super busy Botox and Juvederm (I mean neuromodulator and filler) practice which I’ve heard is booked for many years.  I met him before at the Allergan / Latisse speaker’s training program – this was a training session which guided us through the slide deck for our talks.  I was very impressed by him – he was very supportive which I felt made him the perfect teacher.  While I was on “tour” with my talk for Allergan, I met attendees of my talk who spoke very highly of learning from Dr. Yoelin.  So I figured that I should check this course out for myself.  He teaches all levels of injectors and I selected the highest level which was called a level III course.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a few tips for my own practice.

Take home pearls on Lip Augmentation and more

I especially appreciated some ideas he gave me for lip augmentation and for filling of temples and lateral eye brow areas.  He did say to use the non-dominant hand to help guide the cannulas in injections.

Another great tip I learned from the Tiger Woods of cosmetic injectors (at my recent trip to Sacramento): While injecting Juvederm, he said I had great control, but would be able to take it to the next level if I used my non-dominant hand more to drive the direction of the cannula (special needle).

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