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Transformation by Never Boring Graphic Design

Transformation by Never Boring

Never Boring is a Marketing, Advertising, Media Buying, Graphic and Web Design, Film and Multimedia Company located in Modesto, CA.  Today, they celebrated their 30th anniversary.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about sunscreens for Contentment Health Magazine. In that article, I included a chart that I thought, if they had space, maybe they can cram it into the article.  They really pleasantly surprised me with what they with the chart.  They more than just crammed in the chart.  They made it into a work of art.

This chart is different than the Sunscreen activity chart that I blogged about earlier.

Here’s what I emailed:

Sunscreen ingredient Chart Text

I thought this was already pretty nifty visual in my own nerdy assessment.

and then after some wonderful “magic” by Never Boring:

Sunscreen Ingredients Chart UVA UVB for Chemical, Physical, and Hybrid components

Sunscreen ingredient chart transformed into a beautiful graphic

This is very much like the “before” and “after” pictures that we are so fond of in Plastic Surgery.

Bravo on the design!  Thank you for turning it into a masterpiece!

Note:  The model in the picture, has a great deal of sun damage on her face and hands.  She definitely needs a good sunscreen, otherwise, she will end up being a very good customer of Surgical Artistry (www.SurgeryToday.com).

Here’s the article online I wrote on Sunscreens for Contentment Health

article on sunscreen

Logo by Becky Li, Graphic by Rita Perez