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Saving Electricity with LED Lights from Costco – Modesto


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How many surgeons does it take to…

It might take 6 years to recoup my costs of LED lights

But I think it will be worth it – just for the chance to live greener.

$19.99 for 3 pack. Modesto tax rate 7.625%
This comes out to $21.51 for each pack of 3 LED light bulbs.

I previous had lights that were 45 watts. The new LED ones that I got are now 7.5 watts

Details on the LED light bulbs:

Feit Electric / Conserv Energy LED Dimmable, Mercury Free, 3000K light appearance, lasts 22.8 years. 3 years warrantee. Order No BPCEAG/500/3.  3000K light appearance (on the warm side).

The way I use it, I did some quick math on it. I think it will take me about 3-6 years before I get my return on investment on the purchase from Costco in Modesto, CA.

The package did say that they are anticipating 0.90 cents cost of yearly energy cost per LED light bulb based on 3hrs/day at 11 cents per KWh.

But there are so many other factors when it comes to savings, such as will the light bulb live out 22 years?  Will we move.  Will the next owners use them.  Will they be broken – ie some one breaking them.  Do they use up a lot more resources to make than a regular light bulb?  I’m not sure of these things.

The Design of the LED Light Bulbs here might not be exactly the most efficient for canned lighting.

I think it’s an opportunity me to be kinder to mother earth. I don’t know for sure if it takes more resources to make an LED bulb. But if anyone knows. I’d love to hear. I’m just thinking about the design of the LED bulbs that I got. They’re probably just trying to make the light more diffuse, but unfortunately I don’t need diffuse light – they are up in a can – canned lights, but it’s still more efficient than the regular incandescent bulbs though. I know LED lights are directional – that would be good in a canned light, but there’s probably some sort of diffuser inside these bulbs. I’m just thinking just from the way it’s shaped. Oh well. I bet I could get some sort of flood light shaped with LED technology in it and get the same about of light in the room below with fewer wattage. Costco sold those too, but I didn’t get those. Now I’m started to understand the difference. Some lighting situations need diffuse light and others, directional light is king when using a recessed can light application – and LED is made for directional lighting, except when a diffuser of sorts is stuck in there – absorbing some of the light. But not all lost, because otherwise, I’d have a spot light on the floor.

Well, it would be great if we could retrofit a lot of the bulbs at our Plastic Surgery office with these bulbs.  The rest of the office could benefit from a greener adjustment as well.


Here’s a little digression:

Q: How many surgeons does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: “Why don’t you just let us remove the entire socket – you don’t need it, and it’ll just give you trouble later.”