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Marker for Botox Injections

Planning Botox injections – drawing on skin

For some patients, a precise Botox mapping is what I’d like to do as a Botox injector for best results.  However there are some challenges:

  • The marker should be easy to wipe off after the Botox injection because we might not want to agitate the location of the Botox liquid which has been injected under the skin (intradermal or intramuscular).
  • The maker should be fresh so that we have a large supply of the markers.
  • The marker should be visible on the skin and perhaps visible on the lips as well.  Although a green marker might show up better than a red marker on the lips for lip augmentation.

One solution comes from Viscot Medical.  www.viscot.com.

They make a pen alled the Dermarker (Derm-Marker) which is an EZ removal ink skin marker.  Alcohol erases it very easily without much rubbing.

I got a chance to buy a container full of these pens and I’ve tried the markings on my own skin at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Aesthetic Dermatology Conference.  I think this will work well for me and take my injection skills to the next level.

This marker could be used for areas of filler/Juvederm injection as well.  However, these markers would be a bad idea for Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation markings because those are larger areas and require a surgical prep which is going to erase these markers.  The same company makes a pen for these cosmetic surgeries, it’s called the XL prep resistant ink surgical marker.

We’re happy to bring these markers with us home to Modesto, CA from the Las Vegas meeting.