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After BOTOX Instructions

My post-procedure recommendations for Botox

  1. Do not vigorously rub the areas injected with Botox for 4 days.  But you can touch these areas lightly.  I do want you to wash your face gently, wear makeup, wear sunblock, etc.
  2. Do not exercise vigorously for the next 4 hours after Botox injection.

Reasons and more details for the Botox post procedure recommendations above:

  • Rubbing can cause the Botox to move.  It is first injected as a liquid.  When the Botox gets moved by accident – it can cause the relaxations of muscles in areas other than the intended Botox targets.  This may lead to eyelid droop or double vision for example.  However, these risks are rare, but because they are present, I still want patients to take the precautions of avoiding vigorous rubbing after Botox.  Vigorous rubbing includes – rubbing with a knuckle, getting eyebrow waxing, Microdermabrasion, and perhaps using the Clarisonic brush.  Also things that rub the areas of Botox injection include face down massage, face down acupuncture, face down chiropractic manipulation.  The area I worry about the most is the glabellar area (the area between the eyes).  Other areas of Botox injections are reviewed here along with number of units and pricing.
  • Working out can cause the area of Botox injection to bruise more easily.  Four hours seems like a reasonable amount of time to allow any unrecognized subcutaneous bleeding to subside and thus the risk of bruising would become less.  With exercise there is an elevation of blood pressure which can sometimes cause subcutaneous bleeding to recur and thus cause more bruising.  However, with 4 hours of abstinence from exercise, the risk of additional bruising is decreased.

The risk of bruising after Botox injection

I believe that the risk of getting any sort of burise after Botox injection is about 20 percent.

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Disclaimer:  These are my part of the directions to my patients.  Please talk to your doctor in person for his or her directions.