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Top 10 Zip Codes coming to Surgical Artistry: Ripon, Turlock, Oakdale, More

zip Town
95356 Modesto 10%
95355 Modesto 18%
95357 Modesto 3%
95350 Modesto 10%
95361 Oakdale 6%
95326 Hughson 1%
95367 Riverbank 4%
95354 Modesto 4%
95366 Ripon 2%
95382 Turlock 5%
Total 62%

The percentages shown is a percent of the total number of patients seen at Surgical Artistry from inception in 2006 to 4/27/13.  Sorted based on percentage of population served per zip code.  Population data is in the chart below.  95355 is our zip code of our plastic surgery office (2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA 95355).

Let’s not forget about Oakdale, Hughson, Riverbank, Ripon, and Turlock.

I guess it’s no big surprise that most of our patients come from Modesto, because we are located in Modesto.

44% of our patients come from Modesto and the remaining popular cities making up 18% of our patients come from:  Oakdale, Hughson, Riverbank, Ripon, and Turlock.

I like to exercise my knowledge of spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are very useful for keeping track of medical data, especially for experiments.  I value spreadsheet skills as a doctor, and feel that if I can efficiently track things, I can eventually improve upon them.

Today I practiced using a pivot table to extract data from our electronic medical record.  I figured out the top 10 zip codes of our Surgical Artistry Patients (including acupuncture, veins, Botox, fillers, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and other plastic surgery patients).

I got help from this page on Pivot Tables


  1. Select the column containing the data
  2. On the Data menu, click Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
  3. Click Finish
  4. Drag and drop the column label (in this case it was “zip”) into the drop Row Fields Here (from Pivot Table Field List)
  5. Drag and drop the same column label above into the Drop Data Items Here (from Pivot Table Field List)

Zip Codes of various parts of Cities

These were tallied up with an absolute count and I used further spreadsheet skills to convert that into a percentage of our patients.

2010 Census Data

I went to www.zip-codes.com for fun to see the total population and I sorted above chart in order of percentage of the entire population which we served. I didn’t show the data here because it’s boring data.  But for example we could say that of the area code 95356, Surgical Artistry has served about 1.1% of that population.  Below’s chart shows the top 24 zip codes served by Surgical Artistry.  Avg = Average House Cost / Value as determined by 2010 census and source is zip-codes.com.

Zip Town Population Avg House Value
95356 Modesto 32,288  $305,400.00
95355 Modesto 59,031  $247,700.00
95357 Modesto 11,708  $253,500.00
95350 Modesto 51,331  $205,600.00
95361 Oakdale 31,533  $327,200.00
95326 Hughson 8,376  $249,100.00
95367 Riverbank 24,089  $214,300.00
95354 Modesto 25,877  $191,700.00
95366 Ripon 16,857  $352,000.00
95382 Turlock 36,319  $275,900.00
95320 Escalon 12,658  $279,000.00
95368 Salida 13,230  $221,700.00
95358 Modesto 31,086  $215,000.00
95386 Waterford 10,399  $205,100.00
95307 Ceres 44,056  $210,200.00
95360 Newman 12,107  $172,900.00
95363 Patterson 26,709  $216,300.00
95380 Turlock 42,005  $207,000.00
95351 Modesto 47,691  $160,200.00
95370 Sonora 26,210  $308,600.00
95337 Manteca 33,348  $285,300.00
95301 Atwater 37,809  $220,400.00
95340 Merced 33,672  $226,400.00
95336 Manteca 44,655  $243,700.00

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