Facebook for Plastic Surgery: Problem with Photos loading on Chrome

Photos won’t load on Google Chrome (Browser)

I had this problem for months and had a hard time solving it.  But I finally found a solution.

I tried the suggested solutions from FaceBook where they said to uninstall flash.  I even tried to reinstall Java.  That seemed to work a bit but the real solution was to uninstall Chrome all together.

Uninstalling Google Chrome was the best solution I found.

I went to control panel and selected the uninstall software option and selected to uninstall Google Chrome (listed under “G”).  Then I used internet explorer to reinstall Google Chrome by downloading it first from the website.  In the end, this worked for me and I was able to upload pictures with ease once again on FaceBook.  I thought I’d share this experience so that others who use FaceBook for their plastic surgery posts or any other posts would benefit.