Plastic surgery meetings outside of Modesto?

We sometimes take the Bart to the San Francisco Airport – driving from Modesto.

Disclaimer: we are not Bart.  I don’t have details about Bart, and most of the time I’m pretty clueless about the Bart because I live in Modesto, and most of the time I have my life buried in our Plastic Surgery practice.  They have a telephone number:

Customer Service: (415) 773-1200
Hours: 8AM-5PM, M-F
APLT (Airport/Long-Term)permits are not available for purchase at any of the BART stations and can only be purchased online prior to arriving at the station.
Customers who purchase an APLT (Airport/Long-Term) parking permit may park in the station’s permit/reserved or other areas that are non-restricted.
These permits offer you a space to park in the stations permit/reserved areas up until 10 am Monday through Friday. After 10:00 am these permit/reserved areas are open to the general public and space cannot be reserved.
By Telephone – You may make a credit card payment for your parking by telephone by calling the BART parking vendor at 1-877-700-7275

Airport Long Term Parking Online Bart Reservations.  Here’s the link (it was somewhat hard to find)

  • The long term airport parking page at Dublin/Pleasanton.  Sometimes called the APLT = airport long term.
  • on that page above, we pick the Dublin/Pleasanton link.  Then click next on the “select a spot page”
  • If there are no spots left at Dublin/Pleasanton, then I might consider the west Dublin Station.
  • Address is 6400 Golden Gate, Dublin, CA 94568
  • I think you just pick the nights which the car is going to stay over.  Thus the “end” date is probably the day before you pick up the car.
  • You will have to log in with email as user name.
  • Payment is visa or mastercard only.
  • A printout needs to be made and placed on the windshield.