Honored to have Dr. Edward Katime at our office in Modesto, CA

Teaching and learning

Sometimes teaching is a great way to learn and we just had a wonderful opportunity to teach and learn.

We were honored to have Dr. Edward Katime in our office learning about Plastic Surgery (including breast augmentation procedures), Botox, fillers (Juvederm), Veins (Sclerotherapy and Laser), and Acupuncture.  We always feel that we learn a lot from having students in our office and as always, we learn a ton from our patients.

Dr. Edward Katime

Dr. Edward Katime at Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA. As part of our educational process, we shared information regarding the style 410 breast implant (gummy bear breast implants)

He spent 4 days with me and we are very thankful for the patients who participated in our educational process at our office in Modesto, CA.  He is a UC Davis affiliated family medicine resident in his last few months of his training.  He is about to become a full fledged doctor.  He is also, like me, from New York City.  He also loves Modesto, CA.  And works at Doctors Medical Center.  He had excellent questions and our patients liked him very much.  I have a feeling that he is going to do very well.

I have been given the title of Assistant Professor from UC Davis and at one point I was even given a teaching award for this position as “the outstanding” community MD teacher.  I really don’t do enough to deserve the award, but sometimes I wish I could do more.

We wish Dr. Katime a bright future in medicine!