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Graceada Park, Modesto, CA

Address for Graceada Park

401 Needham St., Modesto, CA 95354

A bit about Graceada Park

  • There is street parking around the park.
  • Located downtown Modesto.
  • There is a half dome amphitheater – Mancini Bowl
  • Modesto’s oldest city park, developed in 1907
  • Designed by John McClaren, the designer of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
  • Graceada and Enslen Parks were designed as one park.
  • Names come from the first names of the wives of the families that donated the land for the park:  Grace Beard and Ada Wisecarver.  Enslen park was named for the Enslen family who donated the land to that portion.
  • Tennis courts are present.

the day that I visited the park, an Indian Festival (Holi festival of colors) was going on in the park and required admission which was $20.   I was told that the food was catered from San Francisco.

Holi Festival of Colors 2013

Date: April 28, 2013, Sunday, Graceada Park.

Celebrates the coming of spring, commemorated good harvests and fertile land.  With the colors, it signifies, the colors of spring.  And the color is actually powder.  I think this is where the color runs got their idea.  It was a great fun to see this and take part in this.  There were many doctors at this event, and it was good to see them relax and get a balanced life.  It was very educational for me to experience this custom, and I feel a closer connection to my patients who are Indian / Hindus.  Plus it was very educational for me to figure out how to get the colors out of clothing, camera bag, sneakers, etc.

Pictures from Graceada Park, Modesto, CA on that day

It was a very sunny day and most of us sat in the shade for sun protection, and had our suncreens / sunblocks on.  And if we had a hat, it got totally pelted with colored powder.

IMG_4732 - Copy - smaller IMG_4783 IMG_4773 IMG_4763 IMG_4761 IMG_4744 IMG_4738 IMG_4736 IMG_4735 IMG_4730 a color on face picture by rangu IMG_4787 - Copy IMG_4795 - charles cropIMG_4800  IMG_4790

Above has a picture of me and the color stuck on my face has a great way of hiding my double chin – even better than plastic surgery!  Well, at least for that moment and for that picture.

When not throwing colored powder around we are at work at Surgical Artistry which is located in the Village One “Northern” area of Modesto.  Interestingly, Graceada park was considered in Northern Modesto at the time when it was developed.  Now it is “down town” in the southern part of Modesto.  I had always spelled “Graceda” incorrectly.  There is actually spelled Graceada.

Surgical Artistry

Surgical Artistry - Calvin Lee, MD / Tammy Wu, MD

2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA – next to post office on Sylvan Ave.
(209) 551-1888.  www.SurgeryToday.com